Diane Doran

Dr. Diane Doran’s Landmark Study on Home Care Safety Released

26 June 2013

After spending two years examining the prevalence, magnitude and risk of patient and client safety incidents in home care across Canada, the Canadian Patient Safety Institute has released Safety at Home: A Pan-Canadian Home Care Study.  This study, the first of its kind to examine adverse events in the home and make recommendations to improve home care safety, was conducted by Bloomberg Nursing Professor Emerita, Dr. Diane Doran and Dr. Régis Blais, Université de Montréal.

The review showed that approximately 100,000 to 130,000 home care clients may experience an adverse event over a period of one year; an event that for half of the clients could have been prevented.  Making recommendations to improve home care safety, the study aims to inform change in policy, practice and behaviour and allow more patients to receive healthcare services in their home.

To learn more about the study, please go here.