Dinner with 12 Strangers - Sept 2013

Dinner with 12 Strangers Becomes Mini-Reunion for Attendees

26 September 2013

Satisfying stomachs and creating strong networks, alum Eileen McMahon’s Dinner for 12 Strangers was a hit for all who attended.  The nurse practitioner at Mount Sinai Hospital opened her doors for a potluck dinner and brought together alumni, faculty and students.  For attendee and faculty member Mary Ann Fegan, the evening turned into an unexpected mini-reunion.  Connected to McMahon from their grad school days, Fegan was pleasantly surprised to see four of her former students as she walked through the door of McMahon’s house.

The informal evening was a chance to create connections, share nursing stories and resources in a relaxed, social setting.  Conversation flowed quickly and easily as guests shared their experiences, which covered a broad spectrum of nursing topics and issues, and included patients from across the lifespan.

“The chance to hear about all the wonderful work and opportunities of such a diverse group of nurses made for a truly enjoyable evening,” said Irena Hozjan, a nurse practitioner at The Hospital for Sick Children and an adjunct lecturer with Bloomberg Nursing.  “The scope of our practice, experience, contributions and even upcoming anticipated roles is quite diverse.”

Fegan especially enjoyed the opportunity to catch-up with former students Sabrina Merali OT4, Sarah Watson 0T9, Mandeep Bhachhoo 0T9 and Hilary Dwyer 1T3.  Learning about their nursing career paths and ambitions was especially meaningful for Fegan who has been with the Faculty for 11 years.

“This evening was truly a nursing-focussed conversation and time flew by,” said Fegan.  “That really helped make strong connections among the group, and the fact everyone got something out of the evening was pretty special.”

Too soon the dinner was over, but the group have already been emailing back and forth sharing additional information and insights.  Thank you to Eileen McMahon, who is also an adjunct lecturer at Bloomberg Nursing, for hosting an evening, which has left an impression with attendees and strengthened alumni bonds.