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Feature Article by Dr. Denise Gastaldo Published in Latin American Encounters’ (LAE) First Online Publication

1 April 2013

A notable peer-reviewed journal that addresses issues affecting the lives of Latin Americans in Canada, and throughout the world, Latin American Encounters’ (LAE) has created its first online publication.  For the inaugural issue, the journal featured notable research by Drs Gastaldo and Lilian Magalhães, along with Christine Carrasco, that studied the migration journeys of 20 Latin American undocumented workers.

The study, titled “The Creation of a Mobile Workforce: Latin American Undocumented Workers in the Greater Toronto Area” shows the mental, physical and emotional effects of the work performed by migrant workers who take potentially dangerous, underpaid work in order to provide for their families back home.  Workers face minimal social protection and fear the repercussions for speaking out.  Their stories demonstrate the need for change to workers’ rights and what the Canadian government can do to provide safer working environments to all workers regardless of status.

The article provides insight into the struggles of Latin American undocumented workers and promotes critical dialogue amongst readers.