Dean contributes to CNA Commission’s health care recommendations

28 June 2012

The Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) created a National Expert Commission (NEC) in the spring of 2011 so it could draw on both external and internal expertise, gather evidence and participate effectively in the dialogue associated with the anticipated renewal of a national Health Accord for Canada in 2014.  Bloomberg Nursing’s Dean Sioban Nelson was invited to join the committee.

As discussions about health care policy, standards and delivery have shifted dramatically in 2012, the CNA moved the focus of the Commission from the Accord to the development of a roadmap for the future of health care in Canada. The Commission launched its final report, “A Nursing Call to Action,”at the CNA biennial convention in Vancouver on June 18. Responding to the call for better health, better care and better value, the NEC framed a nine-point action plan that addresses the evolving health-care needs of Canadians, the challenges of demographic change and the enormous opportunities presented by new technologies, evidence-based practice, collaboration and the caring capacity and expertise of Canada’s nurses. The report recommends a fundamental shift in the way health care is funded, managed and delivered in Canada.

“Canadians told us they have high expectations of Canada’s nurses, based on what they have already accomplished and do every day, and faith in their ability to meet the challenges of independent action, education, technology and training that a transformed health care system will demand,” said Nelson. “The report reflects those expectations.”

The Commission’s recommendations will guide the profession’s future engagement with governments and other health care organizations, and reflects the CNA’s determination that nurses, and the nursing profession, will be key to the transformation of Canada’s health care system.

The NEC is co-chaired by Marlene Smadu and Maureen A. McTeer with a diverse roster of Canadians with complementary backgrounds, experience and expertise rounding out the membership.

Access the report from the CNA website.