Profile of Charlene Chu

Charlene Chu receives AGE-WELL Early Career Researcher Award

12 June 2023

Charlene Chu, an assistant professor at the Lawrence Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, is the recipient of AGE-WELL’s EPIC-AT Early Career Researcher Awards in Patient-Oriented Research. Chu, who is a well-known for her expertise and research in co-designing solutions for the care of older adults, is being recognized for her latest research project which aims to refine an artificial intelligence-based sensor system to improve hip fracture recovery in older adults.

“I’m delighted to receive this award from AGE-WELL,” says Chu, “their mission and vision align with my own values in utilizing technology to improve the lives and well-being of older adults and include them in solutions for their care.”

Chu’s research has previously focused on the impact of digital ageism on older adults and as part of her program of research, she ensures that older adults are included in the design of potential changes to their care right from the start.

The EPIC-AT Early Career Research Awards in Patient-Oriented Research, are part of a national training program preparing, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and early career researchers like Chu, to be leaders in finding digital health solutions for older adults.

For her latest project exploring improvements to hip fracture recovery time, Chu along with her co-Principal Investigator Dr. Shehroz Khan from KITE-Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, will use AI technology including motion sensors and wearable devices, to collect data on older adults’ physical activity, mobility and overall well-being following hip fracture surgery. The data will be then used to understand this poorly understand recovery trajectory as well as provide personalized feedback to both the patient and rehabilitation clinician.

“Our goal is to improve rehabilitation outcomes for older adults, and prevent health complications following hip fracture surgery,” says Chu. “By including both older adults and clinicians in our work we will ensure that the technology and outcomes will address their needs.”