Carles Muntaner Headshot 2

Carles Muntaner – Productivity in Health Inequalities

16 September 2015

by Linda McGillis Hall

Health inequalities research is recognized as an increasingly important component of the wider scientific literature on health. This is evidenced in a recent bibliometrics analysis of productivity in the field that has shown that the annual number of publications in this area has climbed exponentially from a few each year between the 1960s and 1980s to roughly 6000 in 2014. The field is now well-established, and the Faculty of Nursing’s own Professor Carles Muntaner has been identified as one of the most productive researchers in health inequalities in the world – the only researcher to make the list from the University of Toronto, and indeed from Canada. Bouchard and colleagues identified Prof. Muntaner as the 9th most productive author in the field of health inequalities, 1966-2014, with 99 publications in the field of health inequalities/health equity to his name. He continues to contribute significantly to the field of health inequalities research, with twenty new publications in 2015.

Source: Bouchard L, Albertini M, Batista R, de Montigny J. (2015). Research on health inequalities: A bibliometrics analysis (1966-2014). Social Science & Medicine, 141, 100-108.