Bloomberg Nursing teams with WHO to showcase collaborative practice’s contributions to primary health care

16 January 2012

WHO's Annette M. Nkowane and Freida Chavez

Annette M. Nkowane, of the World Health Organization, and Freida Chavez

Bloomberg Nursing’s International Office is working together with the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Geneva headquarters to generate case studies that demonstrate interprofessional collaboration in primary care around the world. The goal is to compile and analyze case studies, and develop a compendium of best practices. Freida S. Chavez, senior lecturer and director of the International Office, and Annette M. Nkowane, Department of Human Resources for Health, WHO headquarters, are the focal points for this project.

It is a followup to WHO’s framework for action on interprofessional education and collaborative practice, which highlighted the current status of global interprofessional collaboration, identified the mechanisms that shape successful collaborative teamwork and outlined a series of action items that policymakers can apply within their local health system. The goal of the framework was to provide strategies and ideas that would help health policymakers implement the elements of interprofessional education and collaborative practice that would be most beneficial in their own jurisdictions.