Bloomberg Nursing starts celebrations for National Nursing Week

10 May 2015

Instituted by the Minister of Health in 1985, National Nursing Week takes place in Canada each year during the week of May 12, International Nurses Day (and Florence Nightingale’s birthday). The Canadian Nurses Association picks a theme each year, and this year’s theme is “Nurses: With You Every Step of the Way.” Most importantly, Nursing Week is a time for us to take a step back, celebrate the accomplishments of all nurses, from nursing students to clinical nurses to community nurses through to nursing researchers. The work nurses do impacts health care for Canadians, and to quote one of Bloomberg Nursing’s faculty members, “there is no health care without nurses.”

We gathered Bloomberg Nursing faculty members, researchers, students, and leadership along with our partners to talk about what nursing means to them, how they got started in nursing, and most importantly, why it’s important to celebrate nurses.

Enjoy the video below, and share far and wide using the hashtag #everystep. This is your week, and in everything you do, remember that nurses really are with you, every step of the way.  More information on our week of events.