Bloomberg Nursing researcher receives international visiting fellowship in the United Kingdom

22 May 2014

May 22, 2014 Toronto, Ontario – Bloomberg Nursing continues to strengthen relationships with the United Kingdom, most recently securing an international visiting fellowship in cancer research. Associate Professor Doris Howell is the recipient of the 2014-2015 Diamond Jubilee International Visiting Fellowship at the University of Southampton. Professor Howell will hold this position until the summer of 2017.

During her fellowship, Howell will travel to the University of Southampton, where she will work to advance a shared research agenda with the UK to develop specific research questions in self-management for cancer survivorship, collaborate in the design of behaviour-focused self-management interventions in cancer survivor populations, and establish specific and sustainable strategies for academic links and exchange between the University of Toronto and the University of Southampton. At the end of this fellowship, there will be an enriched Canada-UK program of research in self-management cancer survivorship that is recognized internationally, and exemplars of training programs and UK-Canada student exchange for the next generation of researchers in this field.

“This collaborative relationship with the UK was informally established in April 2013 during an International Exchange Research Meeting, and was strengthened and formalized with through a UK Science & Innovation Network, 2013 Canada-UK Collaboration Award Programme Grant specifically targeted to develop a shared research agenda between our two countries,” states Howell. “This collaboration will leverage the combined capabilities and shared research goals between the University of Toronto and University of Southampton in the development of an internationally renowned program of research in the field, and excellence in training a new generation of researchers.”

Professor Howell is a leading researcher in the field of cancer care, Senior Scientist at the Ontario Cancer Institute and is Canada’s first endowed chair in Oncology Nursing Research. In addition to her research responsibilities, Howell will also undertake a series of lectures, seminars and other training aimed at early career researchers at the University of Southampton.