Arbor Awards

21 September 2007

Arbor Awards 2007

from left: Dean Sioban Nelson, Barbara Reid, John Birkett (friend) and Margo F. Kontak-Forsyth (missing: Rickey Fitzerman and Susan Brereton)

The Arbor Award was established in 1989 to recognize alumni volunteers for outstanding personal service to the university over a number of years. In recent years, the awards have been extended to include friends of the University.

This year the Lawrence Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing was honored to nominate the Gala Committee for the 2007 Arbor Awards. This was a wonderful opportunity to recognize Susan Brereton, Rickey Fitzerman, Margot F. Kontak-Forsyth and Barbara Reid for their efforts and dedication in support of the first ever nursing Gala event at the Royal York, Imperial Room on October 28, 2004.

This group of ladies had a genuine love for nurse, they brought the importance of Nursing and Nursing education to the attention of a wider public and in a tangible way. The Lawrence Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing students were able to attend the event and saw for themselves the work, the fun and the fund raising that was being done on their behalf by the Gala Committee. The Faculty truly appreciates the committee for all their contributions and continuing support.

President Naylor and Chancellor David Peterson formally presented the Arbor Award recipients their awards on Monday, September 17, 2007 at 93 Highland Avenue.