2012 Teaching Awards Recipients

2012 Teaching Awards

19 September 2012

“It is a great way to begin the year by acknowledging colleagues for their teaching excellence,” said Dean Sioban Nelson in her opening remarks for the 2012 Teaching Awards.

Thirteen recipients received written praise and acknowledgement from peers and students for their achievements with the faculty. Ann Tourangeau, Professor and Director of Graduate Programs, and Francine Wynn, Senior Lecturer and Director of Undergraduate Program, were on hand to present the awards and to discuss the accomplishments of each winner.

Presented on September 19, 2012, the award recipients are:

Early Career Teaching Award
Jennifer Macauley

Excellence in Educational Leadership
Maureen Barry

Excellence in On-line Teaching
Amy Bender and Kathy Trip

Teaching Assistant Award
Stacey Johnson

Teaching Excellence (Student Nominated)
Jordana McMurray

Entry-Year Excellence in Clinical Teaching
Shannon Abbaterusso, Esther Kelly, and Cara Russon

Senior-Year Excellence in Clinical Teaching
Jim Smith

Excellence in Precepting: Undergraduate
Jim Donovan

Excellence in Precepting: Graduate
Sherri Adams and Tracey DasGupta