Financing Your Degree

Students often support their educational and living expenses through student loans (OSAP), a student line of credit and personal savings. Bloomberg Nursing provides support in the form of awards and scholarships to help our students finance their BScN degree.

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Financial Aid

The OSAP government student loan program is the primary source of financial assistance for full-time undergraduate students. Students are encouraged to apply at least two months before their program begins.

For information and counseling on eligibility, appeals and the status of your application, you may contact: or visit Enrollment Services, Student Financial Support

Scholarships and Awards

Student awards are a way for Bloomberg Nursing to recognize outstanding student achievements and provide valuable financial assistance to students in need allowing them to focus on their studies.

Awards can be in the form of scholarships or bursaries and recognize a range of achievements including academic excellence, extracurricular involvement, leadership and commitment to the  nursing profession.

Our supportive Bloomberg Nursing alumni have made many of these awards and scholarships possible, and their continued generosity helps shape the nursing leaders of tomorrow.

Admission Awards

Incoming students will be considered for all admission awards with the completion of one award application form. You may address specific award criteria in the last section of the application where you outline your academic, professional, and personal interests and achievements.

To be considered for needs-based awards, applicants are required to complete the Financial Needs Assessment in the budget section of the award application form. If an applicant fails to demonstrate financial need, they will be considered for non-needs-based awards. Please note that only successful applicants for awards will receive a notification decision.

September 2024 Intake: Applications for Admission Awards will be available on the Join U of T Portal ( starting November 1.

Undergraduate In-Course and Graduating Awards

Awards and fellowships are given to students based on academic merit and/or financial need.

Note: Bloomberg Nursing reserves the right to not award any of the awards listed in a given year. The exact value and application date for awards may change. Please use the list of awards as a guideline only.

Application Process

Current students applying for in-course or graduating awards may use one Award Application Form unless otherwise indicated. References may also be required for some awards. Please address specific award criteria in the last section of the application where you outline your academic, professional, and personal interests and achievements.

By completing this application, you are requesting the faculty to consider you for any in-course or graduating award that you may be eligible to receive. Applicants need not indicate which award they would like to be considered, since the faculty will determine this based on the awards application and the area of nursing interest of the applicants. Please note that many of these awards have residency and financial need requirements.

External Awards

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External awards are available from government agencies, nursing organizations and the University of Toronto. These awards can be applied to by visiting the awarding agency’s website.

Student Crisis Fund

The Student Crisis Fund provides short term financial assistance to currently registered students who encounter an unanticipated serious financial emergency beyond their control, that jeopardizes their ability to complete the program. The fund is given in the form of a one-time bursary.

The fund should not be considered a source of routine or long-term funding. It is expected that prior to requesting crisis funds, students first consider other sources of funding available to them.

Who is eligible?

Students currently enrolled in the undergraduate and graduate programs in the Lawrence Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing. All students including part-time (PM-NP), funded/non-funded PhD, and international students are eligible.

What is the funding amount?

Funds are determined on a case-by-case basis.

How do I apply?

Students are encouraged to meet with a faculty member or the Registrar to complete an online request form together.  Students will need to provide the following information:

  • The nature of their emergency/crisis
  • The amount being requested
  • Student’s long-term plan (i.e., how will the student ensure financial security if given crisis funds)