Student Crisis Fund

The purpose of the Student Crisis Fund is to provide short term financial assistance to currently registered students who encounter an unanticipated serious financial emergency beyond their control, and jeopardizes their ability to complete the program.

Funding Request FAQs

The Lawrence Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing Student Crisis Fund was established in 2018 to assist currently enrolled students who encounter an unanticipated serious financial crisis beyond their control. The fund should not be considered a source of routine or long-term funding. It is expected that prior to requesting crisis funds, students first consider other sources of funding available to them.

The Student Crisis Fund is designed to provide temporary, short-term, financial assistance to students who are managing demanding academic requirements while struggling with unexpected financial challenges. Provided in the form of a one-time bursary, crisis funding is not intended to provide long-term or ongoing relief for recurring expenses.

Students currently enrolled in the undergraduate and graduate programs in the Lawrence Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing. All students including part-time (PM-NP), funded/non-funded PhD, and international students are eligible.

Students are encouraged to meet with a faculty member or the Registrar to complete an online request form together.  Students will need to provide the following information:

  • The nature of their emergency/crisis
  • The amount being requested
  • Student’s long-term plan (i.e., how will the student ensure financial security if given crisis funds)

This varies based on need and is decided on a case-by-case basis.

Decisions are made and communicated within approximately 48 hours of receiving the application throughout the academic year (excluding holiday breaks).

Please meet with a faculty member or the Registrar and complete the online form located on the Application Form on tab above.

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