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BScN (undergraduate) In-Course Award Application Form

Master of Nursing In-Course Award Application Form

Master of Nursing Admission Award Application Form

Barbara Hirschorn Memorial Award

All awards will be awarded to one or more incoming undergraduate students annually based on academic merit, while taking into account financial need. Each year, the available endowment payout will be split equally between recipients, up to the full value of tuition. The award is renewable once, provided the student maintains good academic standing with a minimum of B+ average.

  • Undergraduate Admissions Award

Black/African Canadian Nursing Student Scholarships

To be awarded to up to two full-time, domestic undergraduate students who self-identify as Black/African Canadian. Awards given on the basis of academic merit and financial need.  Preference will be given to new incoming students.

Applicants must self-identify as Black/African Canadian and required to submit a brief statement (maximum of one page) about the connection to the Black/African Canadian community.

  • Undergraduate Admissions Award

Bloomberg Nursing Class of 6T3

To be awarded to an undergraduate student on the basis of financial need.

  • Undergraduate Admissions Award

Bluma Appel and Jeannie Butler Undergraduate Awards in Nursing (OTSS)

To be awarded to full-time undergraduate student(s) on the basis of financial need and merit. Applications open to new and in-course students.

  • Undergraduate Admissions Award