Dr. Lynn Nagle guest speaker at 2017 German International Forum

10 March 2017

Bloomberg Nursing Assistant Professor Lynn Nagle was a guest speaker at the 3rd International German Forum held in Berlin in February 2017. Invited by the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, Dr. Angela Merkel, Dr. Nagle gave a talk in the forum opening panel discussion.

The two-day International German Forum is a platform for experts to discuss and develop innovative approaches and solutions on important global issues that will define our future through interdisciplinary and intercultural dialogue. This year’s Forum topic “What matters to people – global health and innovation,” brought some 120 experts from 25 countries and varying sectors and fields together to discuss ways of enhancing health and ideas about current global health issues, exchange experiences and find possible courses of action to improve wellbeing worldwide.

Addressing the theme of “Using the potential of information and communications technology (ICT)”, Dr. Nagle shared insights on the use and future potential for telemedicine in Canada, critical success factors and key learnings for other countries. ICT is one of the greatest global drivers of innovation in the health care sector, and changing behaviour patterns in digitally-connected societies are accelerating development of eHealth. With technological developments and significant potential cost savings, digital solutions have great potential for bringing health care to remote regions through telemedicine, providing comprehensive analysis of data, and training personnel in the medical sector.

With more than 30 years of healthcare experience as a practitioner, administrator and educator, Lynn Nagle is recognized internationally for her work in nursing and health informatics. She was the Founding President of the Canadian Nursing Informatics Association and an inaugural member of the Board of Directors of Canada’s largest telemedicine network. Lynn Nagle currently has her own consulting practice through which she engages with healthcare organisations in all sectors focusing on strategic planning, implementation and evaluation of health information systems. As an Assistant Professor at the Lawrence Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing at the University of Toronto, she teaches graduate level courses in informatics and health administration. She is currently the Editor-in-Chief of the Canadian Journal of Nursing Leadership.

Photo: Bundesregierung/ Sandra Steins