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Masters and Post-Masters Priority Pathway for Indigenous Applicants

Masters and Post-Masters Priority Pathway for Indigenous Applicants

The Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing is committed to increasing the number of Indigenous students in our Master and Post-Master programs through a priority pathway. Applicants who identify as First Nations (status, non-status, treaty, or non-treaty), Métis and Inuit are eligible for this priority pathway and will need to submit documentation supporting their Indigenous identity in addition to the academic and supplementary application requirements via GradApp. Applicants who choose this pathway will have their applications reviewed by Indigenous community members and will be considered on the basis of their qualifications, rather than in relation to other applicants. Admission pre-requisites, minimum grades, and selection criteria for the supplementary application materials will be consistent for all applicants regardless of pathway.

Applicants who select the prioritized pathway for Indigenous students that are unable to provide acceptable supporting documentation will still be considered for admission to Bloomberg Nursing. These applications will be considered under the non-prioritized review process and will not be eligible for Bloomberg Nursing scholarships available for Indigenous applicants.

There are many types of documentation that support Indigenous identity. Below is a list of accepted documents. Additional types of documentation will also be considered:

  • a copy of a Status or Treaty Card
  • a copy of a Nunavut Trust Certificate Card, roll number or any other proof accepted by Inuit communities
  • a copy of a membership card in a Métis registry recognized by the Métis National Council (Métis Nation of Ontario, the Manitoba Métis Federation, the Métis Nation – Saskatchewan, the Métis Nation of Alberta, and the Métis Nation British Columbia)
  • proof that an ancestor’s name has been entered in the Indian Register according to the Indian Act, or on the band list of an individual band, or on the Inuit roll
  • written confirmation of Indigenous ancestry from the Department of Indian Affairs
  • written confirmation of membership in a band council that has its own membership code
  • other documentation (please email for more details)

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