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Sarah Johnston

Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream

“Seeing students apply concepts from the classroom and lab setting into clinical practice is the most rewarding part of my work.”

In U of T Nursing’s Simulation Laboratory, Sarah Johnston develops scenarios to help undergraduate students develop their clinical skills. While facilitating simulations, she engages students in the scenario and then debriefs them to foster further learning. Johnston has presented on the use of simulation in nursing education at numerous conferences and expositions.

To develop realistic scenarios for students, Johnston draws from her experience as a trauma and neurosurgery nurse. Since 2000, Johnston has practised at St. Michael’s Hospital where she provides pre- and post-operative care to patients with multiple medical diagnoses, including neurological pathologies and acquired brain injury.

  • Academic Credentials
    2007 – MN, University of Toronto
    2000 – BScN, McMaster University, Hamilton

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