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Francine Wynn

Associate Professor, Teaching Stream Emeritus

Dr. Francine Wynn’s academic background is in cultural anthropology, as well as social and political thought. Her interests are philosophical. Her philosophy is based in interpretive phenomenology (Heidegger, Agamben, Nancy, Merleau-Ponty) and psychoanalysis.

For 30 years, she integrated cinema, poetry, literature, painting and sculpture in her lectures, and creative arts based projects in her clinical seminars. Dr. Wynn has won several U of T Nursing awards, including a creative teaching award and, most recently, a mentoring award.

Dr. Wynn has a clinical background in psychiatric nursing.

  • Academic Credentials
    1996 – PhD, Programme in Social and Political Thought, York University, Toronto
    1982 – MA, Anthropology, University of Toronto
    1977 – BA, Anthropology, University of Toronto
    1968 – Diploma in Nursing, Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal
  • Publications
    Dr. Wynn’s PubMed link is available here.

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