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Carles Muntaner


“Politics is medicine on a grand scale.”

Dr. Carles Muntaner’s research interests include social inequities in health, social epidemiology, health disparities, work organization, employment conditions, race/ethnicity, gender, mental health and the philosophy of population health.

The World Health Organization appointed Dr. Muntaner as Co-chair of its Employment Conditions Knowledge Network of WHO’s Commission on Social Determinants of Health. In this role, he provided a rigorous analysis of how employment relations affect different population groups, and how this knowledge may help identify and promote worldwide effective policies and institutional changes to reduce health inequalities.

Dr. Muntaner holds cross-appointments at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health and the Department of Psychiatry. He’s an Adjunct Professor at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. He is a Co-chair of the Social Equity and Health Section at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.

  • Academic Credentials
    1992-96 – Postdoctoral Training, Laboratory of Socio-Environmental Studies, National Institute of Mental Health
    1992 – MHS, Johns Hopkins University
    1986-89 – Postdoctoral Training, National Institute on Drug Abuse Addiction Research Centre, Baltimore, Maryland
    1985 – PhD, Autonomous University of Barcelona
    1983 – MD, University of Barcelona
    1979 – BSc, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Lycée Français
  • Publications
    Dr. Muntaner’s PubMed link is available here.

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