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Graduate Student Positions (CUPE)

University of Toronto graduate students are invited to apply to Teaching Assistant (TA) and Clinical Instructor (CI) positions. Year 1 and continuing PhD students will have TA hours assigned to them and counted towards their funding packages. Year 1 MN students can apply for TA and CI positions upon receipt of their offers of admission. Graduate students who cease to be registered at the University of Toronto during the period of this appointment should notify their course faculty supervisors.

Typically TA and CI job postings are available middle or end of June. The applications are due middle or end of July. All UofT graduate students can view job postings on the university’s CUPE 3902 Unit 1 job posting website.

Only PhD students are eligible for positions with graduate courses. TAs for Nurse Practitioner courses should be RNs (Extended Class). PhD and Masters students may apply for positions with undergraduate courses.

Please note that some courses have an expectation for TAs to attend in-class sessions. Serving as a TA at the University of Toronto comes with the responsibility of contributing to an enriching academic experience for Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing students. To that end, it is the responsibility of our graduate students to arrange other work obligations and their own academic assignments around the commitment to serve as a TA.  Completion of the Description of Duties and Allocation of Hours (DDAH) form at the beginning of term should clarify assignment marking deadlines and turnaround times, and students are asked to organize their schedules to ensure completion of TA duties, including feedback to students in a timely manner. For more information on Teaching Assistant positions, click on this link.


To be a Clinical Instructor with one of our undergraduate student clinical groups, attendance is necessary for all clinical dates and the locations will be off-site in hospital or community healthcare settings. For more information on Clinical Instructor positions, click on this link.

As a graduate student who is employed as a Teaching Assistant / Clinical Instructor / Course Instructor, you are a member of the CUPE 3902 Unit 1 bargaining unit.

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