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  • Student Preparedness Permits

    In order to enroll in the BScN program, students must submit information and documents as outlined below. Failure to complete and provide these documents will affect your ability to engage in practicum and proceed in the undergraduate program. All students must keep original copies of their police record check – vulnerable sector screening results and their immunization records to present to healthcare agencies on demand throughout the year. The processing time for health and police record check reports can take months (depending on the region). Any incomplete documents submitted will also delay student registration. We advise students to initiate their requests for immunization information from their healthcare provider and clearance from their regional police at the end of May or early June.


    Year 1 Students

    Important information must be reported to our Clinical Education Office before August 15, 2017, otherwise enrolment will be withheld:

    **First Aid and WHMIS certificates are not required.

    Year 1 students can submit their documents (7 items as indicated above, excluding Mask Fit N95 and TCard photo) via a secure login-based online system. Students will be able to upload and store their documents, book when their files will be reviewed, check for the status of their files 24/7, and receive reminders for any upcoming expiry dates. Students will receive an initial email from Synergy Services. Once students have their login information, they can access this secure web portal. An initial $47.50 fee will be required and additional charges will apply for any incomplete files (don’t forget to upload your JPEG along with all your forms!). Visit the new BScN student webpage for further instructions.

    We strongly recommend you prepare for your submission of documents now as it may take several weeks to obtain police record checks, immunization, CPR, etc. Once the secure online service is available, book your appointment for your file to be reviewed in advance to secure your space in the queue. You will book your spot in line based on when you expect to have all your documents ready. If you are not ready and your appointment for your file to be reviewed is approaching, you can cancel/reschedule without any additional cost. When you’re ready, upload your documents. Before your scheduled file review appointment, double-check every form has been signed and there is no information missing. Missed appointments or partial submissions will result in failing the student preparedness permit check. You will need to book a subsequent appointment to pass your student preparedness permit check and additional charges will apply.

    Year 2 Students

    Important information must be reported to our Clinical Education Office before August 15, 2017, otherwise enrolment will be withheld:

    Year 2 students can only submit their documents via a secure UofT file transfer service UTSend. All filenames should follow a specific naming convention (Program_Surname_Firstname_DocumentType e.g. MN_Smith_Jane_VSS). Avoid using special characters or apostrophes in the filename and enter the recipient email address as

  • Police Record Checks – Vulnerable Sector Screening

    A police record check vulnerable sector screening is obtained at regional police headquarters in Ontario. Costs may be associated with the application process and are assumed by the student. If you need a volunteer letter from the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, please direct your request to one of our Student Placement Coordinators – Kong Ng or Sharon Lee (Room 262).

    Faculty of Nursing Documents

    All BScN students are required to comply with the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing Police Record Check Guidelines. Prior to registration into Fall term classes for each academic year, new and returning BScN students must submit a current police record check vulnerable sector screening along with a signed Annual Student Police Record Consent Form.

    When to Request a Police Record Check

    Processing time can take several months (depending on the region). Students are advised to initiate their requests at the end of May/early June in order to have a police record check report – vulnerable sector screening in advance of each new academic year. This timeframe should also be followed by students returning from an approved leave of absence.


    Listed below are procedures for the Toronto, Durham, Halton, Hamilton, London and Niagara police in Ontario.

    City of Toronto

    For students who reside in the City of Toronto (i.e. postal code starts with the letter “M”), a copy of the Toronto Police Service Consent to Disclosure Application form must be obtained in person from the Faculty of Nursing at 155 College Street, Room 257, 2nd floor, during designated office hours from May 31st to August 4th, 2017. (Wednesdays 9:30am-11:30am, Thursdays 1:30pm-3:30pm, and every other Friday morning by appointment).  You must bring a government-issued photo ID that includes current address with postal code as well as a record of prior addresses with postal codes for residences from the last five years. The form for Toronto Police Service must be signed by a Student Placement Coordinator. Once the form has been completed by both you and a Student Placement Coordinator, it should promptly be sent to the Toronto Police Service. The Toronto Police Service requires secured funds in the form of a bank draft, money order, or certified cheque payable to Toronto Police Service. Police record check applications are not accepted in-person. Documents can be mailed to: Toronto Police Service, 40 College Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5G 2J3  (please submit the signed TPS Consent to Disclosure form with payment).

    Students who submit their applications for a police record check report – vulnerable sector screening with Toronto Police Service after the middle of June are at risk of not receiving their report by August 15 and may not be able to start the academic year. Students who are requesting a police record check report – vulnerable sector screening after the second week of June are strongly recommended to consider the expedited process to ensure they have their results before the start of the academic year.

    A third party can make the request on a student’s behalf by visiting Toronto Police Service headquarters in person with two pieces of the student’s ID (or notarized photocopies), an authorization letter signed by the student giving authority to the name of the person and the address where the results should be sent. The third party must also produce one piece of photo ID.

    Durham, Halton, Hamilton, London, Niagara

    You must apply in person at your specific regional police service headquarters. Additional information can be found at the website for each regional police service.

    Durham Regional Police

    Halton Regional Police Service

    Hamilton Police Service

    London Police Service

    Niagara Regional Police Service

    Ontario Provincial Police

    Smaller communities may request you submit the Ontario Provincial Police Vulnerable Sector Check application form and a volunteer letter from the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing. Please request a volunteer letter to be produced by one of our Student Placement Coordinators:

    Contact Sharon Lee at (May 2017-June 2017)

    Contact Kong Ng at (July 2017-August 2017)


    If you are living or working out-of-country, you will need a police records check vulnerable sector screening from that country as well as a police records check in Canada. All documentation must be in English. If necessary, students are responsible for having documents translated and notarized.

  • Mask Fit

    It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the organization where s/he is placed can provide the appropriate size mask as determined from the mask fit test. In the event that an organization does not use the same brand for masks, the student will need an additional mask fit test. The student is obligated to pay all costs incurred to secure required mask fittings. Neither the University nor the Faculty of Nursing pays for or reimburses students for costs associated with mask fittings.

    Council of Health Sciences Education Subcommittee Mask Fit Statement

    Healthcare providers adopt infection control procedures including the wearing of personal protective equipment. One of the key pieces of personal protective equipment is a properly fit tested mask. The Ministry of Health has developed directives for health care professionals to wear an approved respirator/mask when droplet protection (as in the cases of SARS and H1N1) is required. In order to protect the health and safety of health care learners, the use of respirators/masks may be required if there is evidence of potential exposure to airborne infectious agents.

    Dependent upon the nature of the experiential rotation, as determined by the Program/Faculty, learners may be mask fit tested prior to the start of the experiential rotation. Fit test data must be updated every 18 months – 2 years or when facial characteristics change due to weight gain/loss or facial trauma. For an adequate mask-to-face seal learners must be clean shaven at the time of the mask fitting. Accommodation requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

    Timing for Mask Fit testing: Fall Year 1 (students will be advised via email)

  • Site-Specific Requirements

    Please note some sites have their own set of practicum requirements.

    Your CV is required at the following agencies: Access Alliance, Anishnawbe, Centre Francophone, North York Family Health Team, South Riverdale, Surrey Place, UofT Health Promotion, WHIWH, WCH (SADVCC and Bay Centre for Birth Control), or York Region Public Health.

    BScN NUR461 Casey House Application

    BScN NUR461 Mothercraft Application

    BSsN NUR461 Sherbourne Health Centre Application

    BScN NUR461 SickKids Form (Mac Version)

    BScN NUR461 SickKids Form (PC Ver)

    BSCN NUR 470 Sickkids Form (MAC Version)

    BSCN NUR 470 Sickkids Form (PC Version)

  • NUR470 Placement Site/Forms

    NUR470 Placement Choices Form

    NUR470 Placement Sites

    NUR470 Out of Town Placement Application Form

    Critical Care Application Form

    Sick Kid Application Form PC Version

    Sick Kid Application Form MAC Version



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