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Congratulations on your achievements and welcome to the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing at the University of Toronto.

This web page is dedicated to providing you with information on what you can expect from the time of offer of admission to registration in your courses this fall.  This web page will be updated throughout the spring and summer.  Please bookmark this page and visit us often.  We will also send you reminder emails throughout the spring and summer.

Steps for New Students
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  • Steps for New Students

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    Step 1: Accept your offer of admission
    Accept your offer of admission by returning the Confirmation form within 3 weeks of the date of your offer of admission. To accept our admission offer you will need to do two things: (1) Complete and return a copy of the School of Graduate Studies Confirmation/Deposit Form to Shahryer Ahmed’s attention (fax: 416-978-8222 or scan and email:  Please respond by the deadline specified in the admissions offer letter. (2) Pay your $500 deposit. You can do this by credit card or by returning the Confirmation/Deposit Form along with your certified cheque or money order to the Student Accounts Office (instructions included in your offer of admission). The deadline to submit your non-refundable $500 deposit will be no earlier than June 1 and will be communicated to you as part of your offer of admission. Once processed, your deposit will appear on your student account as a credit. To view your account, and gain access to other features of Acorn (UofT’s Student Web Service) you will need to enable your JOINid. Please refer to our Using your JOINid guide for more information. The deposit should be submitted to: Student Accounts, University of Toronto, 215 Huron Street, 3rd floor, Toronto, ON M5S 1A2

    An Important Item for MN Clinical Students

    The MN Clinical curriculum includes a short 80-hour placement this fall with an APN or CNS. The goal of this first placement is to introduce you to the APN role. To this end, a few hours are spent in the simulation lab at our Faculty and the remaining hours are spent with an APN/CNS in a clinical setting. The placement runs from October to December. Please note: all placements are arranged through the Clinical Education Office. Students are not to contact a potential preceptor/placement site themselves. Practicum placements can only occur at organizations where we have signed student placement agreements. For more information, visit our Graduate Placements section on our website.
    Step 2: Review important dates
    There are a number of important dates that you should be aware of such as the start and end dates for academic terms, etc.  Please refer to the important dates tab at the top of the page. For example, for NP students, attendance during the residency week is mandatory and you may need to book time off for this important event.
    Step 3: Gather documents for your student preparedness permit
    A Student Preparedness Permit is a record that confirms you have submitted valid documentation to indicate your readiness to undertake our Nursing educational program, including your police record check, immunization records, CPR certification, etc. The due date to submit documents to our Faculty is August 11, 2023.
    All requirements must be met and valid for the full duration of the academic year until the end of June for students to be enrolled. We urge you to time your immunizations and certifications to ensure they are valid until June 30th. Please read about the common errors that can cause your immunization record to be rejected. All documents need to be official and in English (translations should be certified/notarized). Students should initiate their police record check, specifically the Vulnerable Sector Screening (VSS) check during the last week of June or first week of July to ensure that the check is valid until the end of the academic year – June 30th. Please note there can be lengthy wait times for some police services. Toronto residents are required to obtain a form prior to initiating the VSS check with the Toronto Police Service.  A Student Placement Co-ordinator will send this form to students who are Toronto residents in mid-June.
    The Faculty of Nursing uses Verified by Synergy Gateway, a secure web portal for students to submit their documents. Students have the advantage of keeping their documents all in one place to avoid lost items. This secure login-based online system allows students to view their files, book the dates when their files will be reviewed, check the status of their files, and receive reminders for any upcoming expiry dates. An initial fee will be required, and additional charges will apply for any incomplete files. All personal information collected is protected under FIPPA.
    Step 4: Clear any outstanding conditions
    If your offer of admission has conditions, these are outlined in your offer letter. Please submit outstanding admission documents and clear any outstanding admission conditions no later than August 31st. You are required to clear all conditions prior to enrolment in the program. Failure to clear outstanding conditions may jeopardize your entry to the MN Program. Typically conditions will require that you submit a document (final transcript, letter, diploma) to show that you have fulfilled the condition. Please submit documents to: MN Admissions, Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, 155 College Street, Toronto, ON, M5T 1P8. We will email you to confirm receipt of documents and to indicate the condition has been cleared.
    Step 5: Look for student housing
    While many of our students live at home, many also live on their own near campus. If you are looking for housing on or near campus, start your search with a visit to the Student Housing website.
    Step 6: Finance your studies
    There are a number of funding opportunities available to Master of Nursing students from government student aid, such as OSAP, to funding from nursing organizations/ associations.  For more information about educational grants, bursaries, and scholarships available to nurses in Ontario, please refer to the external awards section of our website. U of T has negotiated an enhanced line of credit agreement with Scotiabank for professional master’s students, in which referred interest rates have been negotiated by the University with rates ranging from prime to prime plus 1%, depending on the program.  Upon acceptance to the program, eligible graduate students will have an opportunity to apply for available teaching assistantship/clinical instructor positions within the Faculty. If interested, apply for Teaching Assistant and Clinical Instructor positions. Visit our graduate student job positions webpage for more information. Please note that the clinical instructor and teaching instructor job postings will be posted in May.  Teaching assistant applications for a September start are due June 11th.
    Step 7: Obtain your TCard and UT Email
    At the University of Toronto the “TCard” serves as both a student card and library card. It is also used to create student ID badges for practicum. Long lines are expected for August and September so it is strongly recommended students make time during the summer to obtain their TCard. Starting in June, you can take your letter of offer of admission, proof of citizenship, and one piece of photo-ID to the TCard office at the Koffler Student Services Centre (214 College St.). Further information can be found on the TCard website. When the TCard is issued, your UTORid will be issued at the same time. Your UTORid allows you to access various web based services, including your email account and the University’s student portal and learning management system (Quercus). Students must activate their UTORids in order to access these services and course information hosted on the portal. For information on how to activate your UTORid, please refer to the UTORid website. If you are already have a TCard that was issued prior to June 2017, you must visit the TCard office with government-issued photo identification to you have your photo taken. There is no charge for taking your picture; however, you will not be issued a new card. The photo will be used for your ID badge for Nursing. For NP and HSLA students who live out of town, please contact 
    Step 8: Pay your tuition
    Registration in the program is completed when the tuition payment has been made and students have obtained a student preparedness permit.  You will be able to make your tuition payment once fee invoices are issued in mid-July. Students can review the current fees to get a sense of the total cost of the program.
    Step 9: Select Courses for Fall and Winter
    Students in the Post-Master NP program and MN-NP and MN-HSLA Fields of study follow structured curricula and are placed in appropriate courses by the faculty in late summer. Students in the MN-Clinical Field of study must take two “elective” courses in the program.  The preliminary course time table can be found on our web. Enrolment starts in mid-July and further information will be provided before then. Make note of all important dates by reviewing the important dates tab. If you are in the NP field of study, arrange your schedule (e.g. book time off work) to attend your a mandatory residency week from September 7 to 10, 2021.
    Step 10: Attend orientation
    GNSS information and email to RSVP for the Graduate Nurses’ Student Society (GNSS) Orientation. Below are the dates for the faculty-led orientations.
    Program Event Date Time
    Health Systems Leadership and Administration (HSLA) Orientation September TBD
    Clinical Orientation September TBD
    Nurse Practitioner (NP) Residency Week September 6-9 Daily from 8am to 5pm (TBD)
  • Important Dates

    November 1, 2021
    Applications for all graduate programs for September 2022 intake open.
    January 15, 2022Early application deadline for all graduate programs. Deadline for applications to be submitted for consideration for awards.
    April 30, 2022Final application deadline for all graduate programs.

  • International Students

    The Faculty of Nursing welcomes international students.

    To help you prepare for your arrival, you may find the information helpful on the following University of Toronto websites:

    School of Graduate Studies International Graduate Student portal

    Centre for International Experience

    Graduate Student Wellness Portal

  • Contacts

    Contacts are subject to change

    Name Role Email Address Roles
    Heather Thomson Director of the MN Program (and Post-Masters NP Diploma) Email Academic advising
    Katherine Trip NP Program Coordinator Email Academic Advising
    Lisa Cranley MN HSLA Field of Study Program Lead Email Academic Advising
    Kim Widger MN Clinical Field of Study Program Lead Email Academic Advising
    Lesley Mak Assistant Dean & Registrar Email Registration and Enrolment
    Kate Galvin Coordinator of Enrolment and Registration Email Enrolment and Registration
    Aidan Gray Financial Aid and Awards Officer Email Financial Aid
    Shahryer Ahmed Associate Director Recruitment and Admissions Email Recruitment and Admissions
    David Kim Admissions and Graduate Program Assistant Email Admissions and Program Support
    Elena Luk Director – Clinical Education Office Email Clinical Education
    Sharon Lee Student Placement Coordinator Email Police Record Check, CPR, mask-fit testing, HSPnet, Synergy
    Kong Ng Student Placement Coordinator Email Police Record Check, CPR, mask-fit testing, HSPnet, Synergy
    Kavita Kandhai & Leah Westgate Practicum Placement & Professional Development Officers Email Immunization Form
  • UofT Services

    New graduate students may be interested in visiting the following University of Toronto websites for helpful advice and support:

    School of Graduate Studies Info for New Students

    Accessibility Services

    Health & Wellness

    Graduate Student Wellness Portal

  • Announcements & FAQs

    Check back here frequently for news & announcements!


    If I provide my health immunization information to UofT, can I assume they will share this information with all my practicum placements?

    No, the Faculty of Nursing does not share personal information, such as health records or date of birth to practicum agencies. The Faculty of Nursing checks annually to ensure students are fit for practicum but individual agencies reserve the right to have students complete their own agency-specific forms. In some cases, the agency will ask the Faculty of Nursing to confirm that the student has been vetted. In most cases, students will need to submit their own information to the agency where they are placed for practicum.

    Am I exempt from the TB test if I am considered low risk status?

    We do not waive the TB requirement for students. It is required to ensure students meet the requirements of our teaching hospitals and other jurisdictions. Some regions may vary in their requirements but we do our best to ensure students are eligible for practicum in as many locations as possible.

    Can I attach lab results to the University of Toronto’s immunization form and leave sections blank for Synergy’s evaluation?

    All health information must be consolidated on our health template form. Synergy will not accept blank sections of the form and give credit for attached documentation.

    Police Records Checks

    If I live in Toronto, do I need to come on campus to pick up a Toronto Police Record request form?

    Student Placement Coordinators will mail this form to students who are Toronto residents in mid-June.

    Will I need another police record check while in the program?

    The Faculty of Nursing requires students to submit an updated police record check (vulnerable sector screening) by August 11, 2023. In some cases, the agency where the student is placed may ask for a more recent police record check. Students are expected to comply with agency-specific requirements.

    I am out of town this summer and I received my results for a vulnerable sector screening police record check end of November last year. Will this be accepted?

    We would not accept your police record check valid until November. It is in your best interest to request an expedited service for Toronto Police Record check when you return end of July to meet our August 11 deadline.

    Where can I get a letter on U of T letterhead stating that I require a vulnerable sector screening for program requirements? Students can contact Sharon Lee, Student Placement Coordinator at


    My BLS expires on June 12 so I will have to re-certify before then in order to avoid taking the whole course over again. Is this okay?

    You should have valid certification that lasts for 1 year. We would advise you that it is in your best interest to arrange to re-do your certification so that you are covered for the full duration of your program i.e. after June 30.

    General Questions

    What if I have a requirement that expires mid-year?

    It is in your best interest to have all your requirements last throughout the entire duration of the academic year until June 30.  In order for you to do this you will be required to book and pay for a subsequent Synergy appointment prior to the documents expiration date. If you have more than one document expiring we suggest you update them together in one appointment to avoid further additional charges. Expired documents will impact your clinical experience.

    Are there other hospital/agency requirements that I need to know about prior to starting practicum placements?

    Many agencies will ask students to complete confidentiality forms, IT security clearance, and other forms 4-6 weeks prior to the start of practicum. Students should check their UofT email messages to ensure they do not miss this crucial step or they may be prevented from starting practicum. Students should also visit the website of the organization where they are placed to seek out the links to importation orientation materials.

    How do I get my documents translated into English?

    The onus is on the student to have certified translated documents. You can do a web search for various certified translation services in Toronto (or other cities).

    I was on a leave of absence, why do I need to meet the same student preparedness requirements as new first-year students?

    Any student who previously started our program and is returning from a leave of absence will need to update his/her information i.e. immunization, police record check, CPR, etc. by August 11.


    If I am a new MN Clinical student, how do I find out more about my Year 1 fall term placement?

    The MN Clinical curriculum includes a short placement this fall with an APN or CNS. The goal of this first placement is to introduce you to the APN role. To this end, a few hours are spent in the simulation lab at our Faculty and the remaining hours are spent with an APN/CNS in a clinical setting. The placement typically runs between October to December. Please note the Faculty and Clinical Education Office will send you further information regarding practicum placements. We will make our best effort to accommodate students. However, it can be challenging to find an available preceptor and it may not be possible to secure placements at preferred locations.

    Can I have my practicum at my place of employment?

    This may be possible depending on the institution’s policies. St. Michael’s Hospital will not allow students who are employed at St. Michael’s to have their practicum there. Other organizations will allow employees to be placed at their organizations; however, request the practicum occurs in a different department/unit. NP and MN Clinical students can request a practicum placement at their place of employment provided that they are placed in a different department/unit to avoid overlap with their work. MN Health System Leadership & Administration students are not permitted to be placed in their own organizations so that they are exposed to different administrative leadership than what they already have.

    Can I find my own placement?

    All placements are organized through the Clinical Education Office. Students are to refrain from connecting with a potential preceptor/hospital themselves. It is best to check with our Clinical Education Office ( to discuss any requests for the placement. Final approval is made by the Faculty in terms of suitability of the placement. Please note that students can only be placed at organizations that have signed student placement agreements. A list of our placement partners is available on our website (subject to change as agreements expire and new agreements are created). If students would like to initiate a new student placement agreement, requests can be made by completing an online form.

    Where can I find out more information on practicum placements?

    A general overview and PDF documents are available on our website.

    Can NP students have a physician preceptor?

    Yes, NP students can have a physician preceptor in their during their first three practicum placements (up to a maximum of 500 hours). An NP Advisor will be assigned (students can make suggestions) for these placements with physicians. All final NP placements will need to be with an NP.

    How difficult is it to find placements outside of Toronto?

    For students outside of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), especially outside of Ontario, we may not able to secure placements close to where they reside. Students may need to relocate or travel to complete some or all of their practicum experiences. Agreements in the U.S. and other provinces in Canada have been particularly challenging to negotiate in the past due to liability, tax forms, and insurance issues. Depending on provincial and agency policies, there may be restrictions to place our students. Please note we currently do not have a signed agreement with health authorities for Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, and PEI. As well, there is uncertainty as to other parts of Canada. Quebec does not accept Ontario NP students and some regions give preference to place their own undergraduate and graduate nursing students. If an out-of-town placement agency does not agree to sign with the University of Toronto a student placement agreement, a proposed placement will not be possible. We will explore new student placement opportunities when possible. Any negotiations with legal counsel resulting from changes to the existing UofT template for student placement agreements can take more than a year to resolve.




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