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Graduate Student Funding – Factsheet
Teaching/Research Assistantships
Emergency Grant/Bursary Applications
  • Graduate Student Funding – Factsheet

    Funding packages and support programs are designed to attract and retain the most qualified candidates and help prepare graduate students for successful careers in their field of choice. The School of Graduate Studies has created this factsheet on graduate student funding.


  • Teaching / Research Assistantships

    Teaching/Research assistantships are available to qualified graduate students. A number of master’s students are hired as a TA or clinical instructors for undergraduate programs. Doctoral students are hired as TAs for undergraduate and graduate courses. Refer to Student Job Opportunities section of this website for a listing of available positions.

  • Graduate Emergency Grant / Bursary Applications

    The School of Graduate Studies administers an emergency grant program for all graduate students at U of T. Graduate students may download the Graduate Emergency Grant Application Form (PDF).

    Students facing unexpected and urgent financial hardship are encouraged to speak to the Registrar immediately as other resources may be available.


    Yubai Liu
    Assistant Dean, Registrarial and Student Services

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