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Scholarships & Awards

Awards for Continuing Students

A number of internal and external awards are available to continuing students.  Awards and fellowships are given to students based on academic merit and/or financial need.

NB: The faculty reserves the right not to award any of the awards listed below in any year. Additional terms and conditions may apply for these awards. The exact value and the application due dates may change. Therefore, the information listed should be used as guidelines only.

Application Procedures and Deadlines

The listed application deadlines are for guidelines only. The exact dates may change from year to year.

Current students applying for in-course or graduating awards may use one Award Application Form unless otherwise indicated. References may also be required for some awards. Please address specific award criteria in the last section of the application where you outline your academic, professional, and personal interests and achievements.

Financial Need Assessment

Many of the awards offered by the university require demonstration of financial need.  In order for applicants to be considered for needs-based awards, financial need must be demonstrated by completing the budget section of the award application form.  If an applicant chooses not to complete the financial budget (or fails to demonstrate need), s/he will only be considered for non-needs based awards.


External Awards

Nursing students are eligible for a number of External Awards offered by governmental and other organizations.

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