Introduction to Nursing Care of Childbearing Persons and Families

This course will introduce students to key concepts and practices foundational to nursing care of childbearing persons and their families. Course learning will focus on the perinatal care continuum of childbearing from pre-conception through pregnancy, birth and postpartum transition. This course is grounded in principles of person centred care, family centered care and trauma informed care – all of which are integrated throughout the classroom and acute care clinical learning environments. The Nursing Process will serve as the organizing framework for critical thinking, knowledge development, and the care and management of childbearing persons and their families. Students will be introduced to the 6 cognitive skill areas of the NCSBN’s Clinical Judgment Measurement Model (NCJMM) which builds upon and expands the nursing process. The NCJMM is the basis of the New Generation NCLEX (NGN) licensing exam beginning in 2023. Students will explore topics relevant to the perinatal population including: sociocultural and institutional contexts of perinatal care in Canada; healthy physiologic and psychologic changes in pregnant, labouring, and postpartum clients; nursing management of common adult and newborn complications; and the nursing role in the transition from hospital to home. Students will develop a beginning understanding of pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and newborn feeding and care experiences.

In the classroom and clinical settings, students will be supported to continue building their critical thinking, problem solving and clinical judgment skills through engagement with life-like and real clinical situations. During clinical placement in acute care settings, students will have the opportunity to work with childbearing persons and families throughout the ante/intra/postpartum phases of the care continuum. Students are expected to apply current course knowledge at a beginner level integrated with foundational nursing skills and nursing therapeutic skills learned during the fall term/Term 1.

This course is taken concurrently with NUR 370Y and NUR 390Y.

Delivery Format

In-person lectures and online activites


Heather Whalen / Amy Wright