Introduction to Acute Care Nursing Adult

In this course, students will be introduced to adult acute care medical-surgical nursing practice.

Content in this course is presented within a framework of evidence-informed decision-making. By conscientiously and judiciously using current evidence when making decisions in acute care nursing practice, students will gain an understanding of the key professional values that shape problem solving, nursing knowledge, and client care in clinical situations. Students will be introduced to the 6 cognitive skill areas of the NCSBNs Clinical Judgment Measurement Model (NCJMM) which builds upon and expands the nursing process. The NCJMM is the basis of the New Generation NCLEX (NGN) licensing exam beginning in April 2023. The nursing process along with the introduction of the Clinical Judgement Measurement Model (CJMM) will serve as the organizing framework to approach the care and management of hospitalized adults.

Course content explores and determines priority nursing assessments and interventions associated with advanced symptom management of common illness conditions relevant to hospitalized medical and surgical clients. The lived experience of clients and families coping with acute illness, as well as cultural and ethical concerns and their implications for nursing practice, will also be considered. Students will have the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge and nursing therapeutic skills at a novice level while working with clients and their families in the adult acute care setting.

NUR 371Y1 is taken concurrently with NUR 325H. The lecture component of NUR 371Y1 will highlight the challenges of caring for medical and surgical patients in acute care settings.

Delivery Format



Erica Cambly – Rotation 1 Sarah Johnston – Rotation 2 Leasa Knechtal – Rotation 3