Introduction to Nursing in Health and Wellness

In this course students will be introduced to nursing practice across a range of practice environments for two client populations and their families: older persons and persons with mental disorders. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the complexities involved in supporting clients and their families through transitions in care within and across institutional and community health care settings.

Course content is presented within a framework of knowledge translation, exposing students to the various sources of knowledge that inform nursing practice. Of particular focus will be the theoretical concepts and research evidence that guide best practices when caring for older persons and persons with mental disorders, as well as their families.

Students will acquire knowledge in areas applicable to both client populations such as: client safety and living at risk; client choice and informed decision making; informal caregiving; and person-centered, collaborative, cross-cultural practices. Students will also acquire knowledge and skill specific to the health care needs and lived experiences of older persons and of persons living with mental disorders.

Students will have the opportunity to apply knowledge at a beginner level while working with clients and their families in two institutional settings during the clinical placement component of the course: an older person setting, followed by a mental health care setting. They will draw on knowledge related to health assessment and to basic therapeutic and relational skills when caring for clients and their families. Clinical practice expectations for students focus on building trusting, compassionate, and therapeutic relationships with clients to provide support, promote healing, and enhance functioning.

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Nadine Janes