Topics in Advanced Practice Nursing

NUR1171H is the second field of study course in the Masters of Nursing Clinical Field. The overall purpose of this course is to help prepare students to provide or contribute to the delivery of nursing care at an advanced level by exploring in-depth knowledge of the contexts of healthcare, interpersonal relations, and group process. We will focus on exploring a selection of key topics in the socio economic contexts of health, interpersonal process, group process, and organizational/institutional dynamics that shape the work of advanced practice nurses in a range of healthcare settings. Critical frameworks on health/disease and a psychodynamic perspective inform this course. Learners will be expected to draw on the relevant literature, their clinical and scholarly experiences from NUR1170H, and their own subjectivities when exploring ideas in this course. This course is organized into four modules: (1) Critical Approaches to Health and Illness; (2) Transitions in Healthcare; (3) Interpersonal Relations in Nursing Practice; and (4) Group Process. Students will be encouraged to critically look at key health/nursing practice issues from multiple perspectives and dimensions (e.g. socio-political, ethical, institutional, etc.) that is required of a nurse at an advanced level.