Program Planning and Evaluation in Nursing Nurse Practitioner

In this course, you will use existing evidence and theory to: 1) develop and implement solutions for problems or issues in your practice, and 2) evaluate programs / interventions in nursing and health care. As a nurse practitioner, you will have many opportunities to design, implement, and evaluate new programs or interventions as well as leading changes in what and how nursing care is provided and arranged. This course will prepare you to thoroughly assess the nature and scope of a problem, as well as to design, implement, and evaluate the effects of a solution or program to address a problem. You will draw heavily from and build on what you learned in your research courses regarding evidence and interpretation of data collected using different types of research designs.

This course contributes to your development as an advanced practice nurse—such as clinical, research, leadership and consultation and collaboration (Advanced Nursing Practice: A National Framework 2008). The Canadian Nurses Association has identified competencies required of advanced practice nurses in the document ‘Advanced Nursing Practice: A National Framework’ (2008). Specifically, this course is intended to develop your knowledge, skill, and judgment related to the CNA advanced practice competencies of research, leadership, and consultation / collaboration.

Delivery Format

Online Asynchronous


  • Section 6331: Sarah Ibrahim
  • Section 6332: Carles Muntaner
  • Section 6333: Carles Muntaner