Information for NP Preceptors

The preceptor role is fundamental to helping our students learn, experience, and practice in an environment that is supportive and safe for both students and patients.

We appreciate the time and professional commitment of our NP Preceptors who are willing to share their knowledge with our students.

As a token of our appreciation, we provide an honorarium payment to each preceptor, except when agencies prohibit payment. The honorarium payment can be designated to the individual preceptor or the site/agency at which the preceptor supports the student placement during the term. Honoraria are not provided for NP Advisors.

We request honorarium payment forms for new preceptors (or returning preceptors with any updates to previously submitted information) at the start of each term.

Returning preceptors who have any changes to their information (i.e. address, name, banking information) should submit a new honorarium payment form. Due to the volume of payment forms received by our office, we are not able to check on individual files in a timely manner.

If returning preceptors are uncertain about whether their financial information is current and correct, we suggest they re-submit their information.


March 22, 2024

Completed forms must be submitted via UTSend to

Maximum honoraria provided per course are as follows:

NUR 1101, 1114 (spring/summer) $500.00 max. 75 hours
NUR 1115, 1117 (fall) $1,250 max. 250 hours
NUR 1215, 1217 (winter) $1,250 max. 250 hours
NUR 1221, 1223 (spring/summer) $1,000.00 max. 200 hours

UTSend ( is U of T’s Secure File Transfer System recommended for the sending and receiving of confidential information, such as banking and personal information.

Honorarium payments are issued after the practicum experience concludes and the term has been completed. Payments are contingent on the preceptor’s evaluation of the student, the completion of payment forms (for new preceptors), and the approval of final grades. Typically the payments are issued in the first month of the subsequent term. We issue payments in January, May, and September each year. Any late forms will be captured in the next term’s payments. Late forms and/or requests for payment will not be accepted after six (6) months from the end of the practicum.