Jerry Gerow NP Travel Award

Awarded to two 2nd year students enrolled in the Master of Nursing, Nurse Practitioner program; and/or students enrolled in the Post Master Nurse Practitioner program to assist students with expenses related to practicum (see Notes). Financial need and academic merit will also be taken into consideration.

Apply to the Chair, Awards Committee, Lawrence Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing.

Documents required:

  1. Award Application Form
  2. A description of the practicum location, nature of experience, rationale for choice of practicum, goals and associated learning plan, and achievement indicators (maximum one page)
  3. brief travel itinerary and budget. Conditions for award holders:
    1. Must complete pre-departure training from the Safety Abroad Program at the Centre for International Experience at the University of Toronto, if practicum is outside Canada.
    2. Travel to conferences, exchange programs, courses or seminars, or for travel to do clinical work for personal preference or convenience will not be considered.
    3. Students granted the scholarship must present a report of their experiences (format to be decided by the course instructor). In addition, this report must be submitted to the Director of Graduate Programs and may be forwarded to the funder/donor of this scholarship.
    4. The scholarship will be released to the applicants upon submission of proof of flight reservations, hotel bookings, or other relevant expenses. Original documents are required.
    5. The award cannot be held concurrently with the Gerow Nurse Practitioner Award.
  • Graduate Admission Award