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Designed to enhance the learning experience and promote student success, the facilities at Bloomberg Nursing provide valuable resources to nursing students at every stage of their degrees.

  • 6th Floor Lecture Hall
    6th Floor Lecture Hall
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  • 6th Floor Lecture Hall

    6th Floor Lecture Hall

    Located in room 610 of the Health Sciences Building, this spacious hall can seat 250 comfortably. The layout ensures a clear vantage point for both professors and students. The room also boasts a floor-to-ceiling screen for presentations viewable from any seat in the hall.

  • Building-at-Night1-1024x683
    Building Renovations 2015
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  • Building-at-Night1-1024x683

    Building Renovations 2015

    Project Description
    Construction Notices
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    Relocation Information
    • Bloomberg Nursing is embarking on a facility renovation, focused on the 1st and 3rd floors, commencing in January 2015, and with an anticipated end date of July 2015.  The renovation project will increase student study, activity and learning space, while increasing the Faculty’s capacity for multi-modal learning across simulation, virtual online and in-class platforms.  Work will begin on the 3rd floor the week of January 19, 2015, and once completed, move to the 1st floor (late April/early May 2015). There are minor components of the project that may impact other floors in the building.

      For a list of temporarily relocated staff and faculty please visit the Relocations page.

      Safety – Be aware of potential hazards and bring forward any concerns you have regarding personal safety. Construction zones will be separated from public areas by temporary walls and doorways. These areas will be well marked with signage. Do NOT enter the construction zones for any reason.

      Building Access – If ANY contractors / members of the construction crew ask you for access into ANY rooms or other areas, please DECLINE and ask them to contact the Construction Supervisor ‐ William Hamilton of BMI.

      Security – with increased traffic on the floors, please make sure to secure personal belongings at all times.

      Relocations – some faculty, staff and student services will be relocated within the building during the renovations.

      Noise – as work progresses, you will undoubtedly encounter the sound of power tools and related noise from within the construction zone.This website will be updated with renovation project-related information on an ongoing basis. Check the homepage often for the latest news and relocation information.

      We look forward to welcoming you to our new and improved facilities in the latter half of 2015.

      Please contact the Faculty of Nursing project manager, Patrick Thompson, with any questions:  416-946-7409.

    • May 5, 2015 – The temporary relocation of faculty and staff from the first floor is nearing completion. This includes the return of temporarily displaced 3rd floor faculty and staff back into their new locations (Professional Development and Global Affairs).

      The contractor is moving ahead quickly to complete construction hoarding and begin the work on the 1st floor.  There is a small amount of demolition work required, which will take place over the next 5 days – this work can be noisy and dusty at times.

      Access to the first floor suite for staff and faculty that have not been relocated is restricted by access fob. The first floor access door will be locked at all times.

      Phone lines for relocated staff and faculty are currently being re-routed. For most affected individuals, there will be no change in telephone number. We ask for your patience as we complete this task, and suggest email an alternate contact method in the meantime.

      March 19, 2015 – Workers have begun applying finishes in the new student lounge, painting the ceiling, installing light switches, and continuing to install the ceiling bulkhead. Work is underway to prepare relocation information for the first floor renovations, which will be posted here when available.

      March 3, 2015 – POWER CUT: On Friday, March 13, power on the third floor at 155 College Street will be cut from 530am-830am. This power cut will affect the entire third floor, except the east end office suite. Please click here for more details.

      February 11, 2015 – The north corridor wall on the third floor has been completely demolished, and crews are rerouting fire suppression and HVAC in the new multi-purpose space. Offices and meeting spaces are being framed, and crews are routing utilities to serve these new areas. Planning for first floor moves and relocations in April/May has begun.

      January 29, 2015 – All faculty, students and staff on the 3rd floor have been relocated from the west and north ends of the floor to the east and south sides of the floor. Visit the Relocations page for details.

      January 13, 2015 – Relocation of the Centre for Professional Development, the Writing Centre, Global Affairs Office, and numerous graduate student and faculty office has begun on the 3rd floor.

    • Current

      Room ID






      Current Phone Number



      130 Carmen Cutajar 357.9 416‐978‐2392 Cubicle Area
      130D Kong Ng and Sharon Lee 357.3.4 416 946‐0279 (Kong) 416‐978‐8475 (Sharon) Cubicle Area
      132 Marisa Luisi Covello /Diana Lai/Terry Yuen/Empty Carrel 357.1.2.6 M. Covello: 416‐946‐8220, T. Yuen: 416‐946‐0280, D. Lai: 416‐978‐8318 Cubicle Area
      135 Joanne Louis 382 416‐946‐7151  
      136 Estina Boddie 358 416‐978‐2863  
      137 Donna Romano / Jana Geugus Lok 372 416‐978‐3382 (Donna)  416‐978‐3692 (Jana)  
      138 Tammy Chan 358 (416) 946‐0298  
      140 Manj Dhanoa‐Yasi 382 (416) 946‐8452  
      142 Jon Oskarsson and Maki Iwase / Sarah Ibrahimh 390.1.2 M. Iwase & S. Ibrahim 416‐978‐7683  J. Oskarsson 416‐978‐2860  
      144 Soobong Song 360 416‐978‐8069  
      146 Kate Hardie 376 416‐978‐2864  
      148 Mary Ann Fegan 168 416‐946‐0963  
        Karen Breen Reid 387.4 TBD Cubicle Area
      150 Pamela Khan 372 416‐978‐7409  
      151 Pamela Walker +Polly Florius ‐Sarah Alisch N/A P. Florius & S. Alisch 416‐978‐1327 P. Walker 416‐946‐0382  
      152 Maureen Barry N/A 416‐978‐2849  
      153 Shan Mohammed, Erin Gilgan and Cathy Turl N/A S. Mohammed & E. Gilgan 416‐978‐2068  C. Turl  
      154 Erica Cambly N/A 416‐946‐0822  
      155 Nicole Spira / Tracey Colella / Nikki Marks N/A 416‐978‐1579  
      156 Zoraida Beekho N/A 416‐946‐8272  
      158 Francine Wynn N/A 416‐978‐2069  
      162 Geraldine (Jody) Mcdonald / Debora Kirschbaum Nitkin * N/A 416‐978‐2867 * D. Nitkin relocating to 366
      164 Amy Bender/ Laura Fairley N/A 416‐946‐8320  
      165 Luciana Boic / Esther Koven * N/A 416‐978‐4324 (Esther) 416‐978‐7703 (Luciana) * E.Koven relocating to 357.5
      166 Anne Simmonds N/A 416‐978‐1579  
      168 Sarah Johnston (Mary Ann Fegan’s temp office) N/A Mary Ann’s phone number will ring into this office  
  • Computer Lab
    Computer Lab
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  • Computer Lab

    Computer Lab

    Finding a quiet space to work on assignments can sometimes be challenging. The second floor at the Faculty of Nursing houses a computer lab, complete with desktops and printers, that students can access 24 hours a day. The lab provides the opportunity to get caught up on work, print assignments and take stock of upcoming projects.

  • Multimedia Room 270
    Multimedia Room 270
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  • Multimedia Room 270

    Multimedia Room 270

    The Faculty of Nursing takes learning and lectures to a new level with this multimedia classroom. Equipped with two flat screens for multiple viewing, teleconferencing and video, faculty have numerous communications resources to enhance the learning experience for students. Lectures are recorded so they are available for online viewing, a benefit to the virtual class environment in the Nurse Practitioner programs. In addition, guest speakers from around the world have been hosted, via webcast, to provide their insight and expertise to students and faculty.

  • Sim Lab
    Nursing Simulation Lab
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  • Sim Lab

    Nursing Simulation Lab

    Providing valuable hands-on experience in a controlled environment, the Nursing Simulation Lab (Sim Lab) is a state-of-the art facility. The ability to practice situations that could occur at a hospital ward, intensive care unit and/or isolation setting allows students to build their confidence and competence before using those skills in the field. Computerized adult and paediatric high-fidelity mannequins replicate actual patients and help students test their abilities either for the first time or as they re-certify existing skills.

    Find additional information on the Sim Lab see our Nursing Simulation Lab Resources.

    Virtual Tour
    Floor plan
    • The Sim Lab, Nursing Simulation Laboratory, at the Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto (Canada) is a state‐of‐the‐art teaching facility. The physical design of the Sim Lab has been constructed to provide flexibility in meeting the teaching and learning needs of learners in a variety of contexts. Incorporated within the large 4000 square‐foot space of the lab are the following simulated care environments for health care delivery practice: an inpatient 12 bed ward and a large nursing station, a critical care unit with four patient beds, an isolation room (Bluma Appel Isolation Room) with an ante and exit room, a full operating room (OR), a one bed post‐anaesthesia care unit, a home care setting living space, and an interview or ambulatory clinic room.

      For further information please see the Sim Lab Overview (PDF).

    • Click here to view a virtual tour of the Nursing Simulation Lab.

      *Note: Adobe Flash is required to view this tour.

    • For a detailed map of the Simulation lab, see Sim Lab Floor Plan 2013 (PDF).

    • Sim Lab – Nursing Simulation Lab
      Administrator:  Luciana Boic
      Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing
      University of Toronto
      155 College Street, Suite 172
      Toronto, ON, Canada, M5T 1P8
      Phone:                 416-978-7703

      Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm

  • Student Lounge
    Student Lounge
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  • Student Lounge

    Student Lounge

    Designed as space for students to take a moment and pause during a hectic day, the student lounge is located on the main floor of the Faculty of Nursing in the Health Sciences Building. The spacious room has study amenities for students to complete assignments or host group meetings. Add a few extra touches, like a refrigerator and microwave, and the lounge is a welcome place to take a break. Here you will also find the office of the Nursing Undergraduate Society (NUS), where questions can be answered and updates given on events happening throughout the academic year.


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