Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing

Leadership Team

Office of the Dean

Linda Johnston
Linda McGillis Hall
Associate Dean,
Research & External Relations
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Ann Tourangeau
Associate Dean, Academic
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Nathan Doidge
Chief Administrative Officer
Soobong Song
Faculty Registrar
Jen Williams
Director of Advancement
Grase Kim
Assistant Dean, Academic Programs

Graduate Program

Margaret Blastorah
Director, Graduate Programs
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Monica Parry
Director, Nurse Practitioner Field of Study
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Kathy Trip
Graduate Clinical Placement Co-ordinator
Adult & Anaesthesia Coordinator, Nurse Practitioner Field of Study
Cathy Maser
Paediatric Co-ordinator,
Nurse Practitioner Field of Study
Michelle Acorn
Primary Health Care – Global Health
Co-ordinator, Nurse Practitioner Field of Study
Kim Widger
Program Lead
MN Clinical Nursing Field of study
Michael Villeneuve
Program Lead
MN Administration / Health Systems Leadership & Administration Field of Study
Robyn Stremler
PhD Program

Undergraduate Program

Maureen Barry
Director, Undergraduate Program
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Zoraida Beekhoo
Undergraduate Co-ordinator, Year 2
Clinical Education Coordinator
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Mary Ann Fegan
Undergraduate Co-ordinator, Year 1
Clinical Education Coordinator
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Global Affairs Office

Freida Chavez
Director, Global Affairs
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Centre for Professional Development

Leslie Vincent
Executive Director, Centre for Professional Development


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