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Ways to Give

Ways to Give

Find out how you can join the community of alumni and friends who support the university and the faculty:

For more information, please contact:

Office of Development & Alumni Relations
Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing
University of Toronto
T. (416) 946-7097

Annual Giving
Leadership Giving
Class Awards
Planned Gifts
  • Annual Giving

    Bloomberg Nursing attracts the top students and future nurse leaders, but without student awards and bursaries, many would be unable to continue academic pursuits in nursing. To make nursing studies possible for students from all social and economic backgrounds we focus on significantly increasing our levels of student support. Our Faculty has held true to the promise that no student offered admission to a program should be unable to enter or complete the program due to a lack of financial means, but this has only been realized with annual fund gift support.

    Thank you for supporting our Annual Fund today: Annual Giving

  • Leadership Giving

    Leadership Gifts of $5000–$25,000 provide a critical foundation for our students to continue their programs and prepare them for a profession that continues to give back to the community in a meaningful way. The overwhelming majority of our students have already incurred the cost of a completed degree on entry with many holding several degrees and carrying heavy debt loads.  With long clinical hours and consolidated classes, as well as a school term that runs from September until the end of June, it is very difficult for our students to secure part time employment during the school year or summer employment.

    Leadership Gifts can be offered directly to a student in a given year, or held in an endowment to offer support to students in perpetuity. These gifts can be made online or prepared in named award offerings by contacting:

    Nursing’s Assistant Dean, Advancement
    T. (416) 978-2861

    Boundless Promise Matching Program

    Philanthropic support is essential to nurturing the promise of our most talented students. The new Boundless Promise Program will match donations of $25,000 or more in support of needs-based awards at the University.

    These matching funds, drawn from our operating fund, go above and beyond what we already commit to student financial aid annually. When a donor makes such a gift, that benefaction is invested in our endowment, which in turn generates a permanent annual payout for the student award. This remarkable giving opportunity will make a lasting impact in the lives of our students and the future of our country.

    The minimum threshold for matching is $25,000 endowed. Using this sum as an example, here is how the matching works:

    Through University matching, the impact of the donor’s gift is thereby doubled. As stated above, U of T will maintain this match in perpetuity. Donors may designate their awards to a specific area of study as well as name the awards in accordance with the University’s Naming Guidelines.

    Learn more: Boundless Promise Matching Program (PDF)

    Have a question? Please contact us:

    Judi M. Cooper
    Executive Director, Divisional Relations and Major Gifts
    Division of University Advancement
    University of Toronto
    T. (416) 978-5318

  • “I have fond memories of my time at U of T, and I know my fellow classmates do as well.  Based on our collective interest to support the Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing in its work, The Class of 6T2, Dissemination of Nursing knowledge fund was born.”

    Charmaine Caron, Class of 6T2


    Class Awards

    Do you and your classmates want to honour a special anniversary of your graduation and help change someone’s life at the same time?  Here are some of the ways you can make a difference in the life of a student, and impact the future health care of Canadians:

    Endowed Fund Award: An endowed fund (such as a chair, professorship or fellowship) establishes a permanent fund that recognizes the class or someone the class wishes to honour in perpetuity (the award could be named for distinguished faculty or outstanding professionals) and provides the Faculty with a continuing source of annual support (minimum class gift $25,000).

    Expendable Fund Award: Expendable gifts can be made toward specific programs, research of students at the donor’s choosing (minimum class gift $12,500) and are awarded upon receipt.

    Boundless Promise Matching Program: Philanthropic support is essential to nurturing the promise of our most talented students. The new U of T matching program will match donations of $25,000 or more in support of needs-based awards at the University.

    “U of T, over any other university, has more to offer students in terms of awards and scholarships and that kind of support allows me to study without facing the stress of crippling student debt.”

    Melinda Wall, Public Health Nurse & Graduate Student


    If your class would like to contribute, please contact Alumni Relations: T. (416) 978-2861 or

  • Bequests

    Feel good about your gift now, but donate it later. A bequest is a gift in your will, which you can direct to U of T in general or designate to a particular faculty, college or other area of interest. As well, your estate will be eligible for a tax receipt that can be used in the year of death and the preceding year.

    Funds are usually bequeathed as:

    1. A residual amount (e.g., a share or percentage of your estate).
    2. A specific dollar amount, a specific piece of personal use or other property

    Benefits of making a bequest

    A bequest is a tax-effective means of supporting U of T. Your estate may claim gifts in the year of death equal to 100 per cent of your net income in that year and the preceding year. You have use of the asset while you are alive. You can designate your gift to a University priority that meets your interest, such as a scholarship, capital project, program or research.

    A bequest is revocable and can be changed if your financial circumstances change. To receive a sample of wording for Bloomberg Nursing can be downloaded online.

    Charitable Remainder Trusts

    Arrange a trust for U of T using cash, bonds, securities, real estate or another tangible asset. A charitable remainder trust — like a gift of residual interest — allows you to arrange your legacy gift now and receive an immediate tax receipt, while enjoying the interest income or use of the gifted asset for life.

    To establish a charitable remainder trust, you fund the gift by irrevocably transferring assets (a sum of money, securities, personal or real property) into a trust to be managed by a trustee (a financial institution, yourself, a lawyer or other individual). A trust document names the interest income beneficiary (you or an alternative individual based on one life, joint lives, or for a fixed term) and names U of T as the remainder beneficiary. You receive a receipt based on the net present value of the remainder interest.

    Benefits of a charitable remainder trust gift

    Receive a charitable tax receipt for the net present value of the remainder interest in the trust when the gift is made. (Net present value is based on the anticipated number of years you or another assigned beneficiary will receive the interest income from the trust, according to current fair market value and the appropriate annual discount rate.) Carry the excess tax credit forward for up to five years if your gift exceeds 75 per cent of your net income in the year the gift is made. Experience freedom from investment worries while receiving lifetime income from the donated asset. Avoid probate. Charitable remainder trusts are less susceptible to being contested, and provide privacy. Designate your gift to a university priority that meets your interest, such as a scholarship, capital project, program or research.

    Life Insurance

    Could there be a better policy than supporting the University’s success? You can donate life insurance by transferring ownership and beneficiary status of an existing or new policy to U of T. Alternatively, you can simply name U of T as the beneficiary of your policy.

    Gifts of life insurance are made by transferring ownership of an existing or new policy to U of T. You receive a tax receipt for premiums paid after the date of transfer. You can also name U of T as beneficiary of your policy — the resulting tax credit will reduce estate taxes and increase the after-tax value of your estate for other beneficiaries.

    A gift of life insurance is an affordable way to make a difference. A modest annual premium paid over time will result in a significant future legacy.

    RRIFs & RRSPs

    U of T and other charitable organizations can be a named beneficiary on registered retirement plan documents. A tax receipt for the value of the investment gifted will be issued to the donor’s estate (this may be all or part of the assets in the plan) and applied towards the final income tax return.

    Benefits of making a gift of RRSPs or RRIFs

    RRSPs/RRIFs gifts are a tax-effective means of supporting U of T.You have use of the retirement saving investment while you are alive. Your estate may claim gifts in the year of death equal to 100 per cent of your net income in that year and the preceding year. RRSPs/RRIFs become fully taxable as income in the year of death, usually at the highest marginal tax rate, unless any remaining funds in a RRSP/RRIF account can be rolled over to a surviving spouse or a dependant child. You can designate your gift to a university priority that meets your interest, such as a scholarship, capital project, program or research.

    RRSPs/RRIFs gifts are revocable and can be changed if your financial circumstances change.

    Avoid probate. Gifts of RRSPs/RRIFs are less susceptible to being contested than a charitable bequest, and provide privacy.

    What you should know about arranging a RRSPs/RRIFs gift

    U of T is pleased to assist you by providing sample wording to ensure the University can accept your gift as you intend.

    Please use the legal name “Governing Council of the University of Toronto” in your RRSP/RRIF beneficiary designation clause. Our BIN# is 108162330RR0001.

    Stocks & Securities

    Donating publicly traded stock and securities is a tax-smart way to support the University of Toronto. You will receive a tax receipt for the full appreciated value of a donation of publicly traded stock or securities, and you will not be subject to any capital gains tax.

    Eligible securities include shares, debt obligations or rights listed on a prescribed stock exchange, a share of the capital stock of a mutual fund corporation, a unit of a mutual fund trust, an interest in a related segregated fund trust or a prescribed debt obligation.

    The simplest way to make your gift of stock or securities is to have the shares electronically transferred from your account to U of T’s account. Staff in the Gift Planning office will guide you through the process and provide you with necessary information. The receipt value will be based on the closing trading price on the day U of T receives delivery of the shares. As with any gift, you may designate the use of the value of the securities or leave the gift unrestricted.

    Benefits of making gifts of stock and securities

    Capital gains tax on publicly listed stocks and securities are exempt on gifts made as of May 2, 2006 when you donate your shares to U of T rather than selling and donating the proceeds (see example below).

    Value of your tax receipt will be based on the market closing price on the day U of T takes legal receipt of your stock or securities into our brokerage account. Claim charitable donations up to 75 per cent of your net income. A five year carry forward on any unused donation amount is permitted

    Designate your gift to a university priority that meets your interest, such as scholarships, capital projects, programs or research.

    Example: Jeff decided to support U of T with a gift of $100,000. When reviewing whether he should sell his shares in a publicly-listed corporation and then donate the cash proceeds or donate the shares directly, Jeff learned that he would have a greater net tax benefit by donating the shares directly to U of T.

    The chart below assumes a tax rate of 50 per cent:

    Fair Market Value $100,000 $100,000
    Cost Basis $20,000 $20,000
    Capital Gain $80,000 $80,000
    Taxable Gain $40,000 $0
    Tax Credit (at 50%) $50,000 $50,000
    Tax on Gain (at 50%) $20,000 $0
    Tax Savings $30,000 $50,000

    Gifts of Employee Stock Options

    Donors making a gift of shares acquired through an employee stock option plan of a publicly traded company also receive favourable treatment as of the Federal Budget of May 2, 2006. Under the new legislation, the inclusion of the employee benefit (income) for tax purposes is reduced to zero if the shares are donated within 30 days of their acquisition. This change is designed to parallel the capital gains inclusion rate for donations of publicly traded securities

    Have a question? Please contact us:

    Michelle Osborne, CFRE
    Executive Director, Gift Planning
    Direct: (416) 978-3811

  • Campaigns

    Boundless Campaign

    As you may have heard, U of T launched the Boundless Campaign in November. For Bloomberg Nursing, this campus-wide drive offers an extraordinary opportunity for partnerships and cross-disciplinary collaborations within the institution and with our community and international partners. It is our goal to continue to use donations to continue to increase student support and our commitment to excellence, while advancing innovations and research that will have a significant impact on communities both locally and globally.

    Our official campaign launch took place on October 23rd, 2012.

    For more information about supporting Bloomberg Nursing’s campaign, please contact:

    Assistant Dean, Advancement
    T. (416) 978-2861

    To make a donation or learn more, visit the Boundless website:

    Past Campaigns

    In 2005 and 2006, we challenged our alumni to raise $200,000 in support of our new building at 155 College Street and nursing education. These much needed funds helped to support the new clinical simulation learning centre, multimedia centre, distance learning centre, classrooms, dedicated student space, state-of-the-art meeting space and much more.

    Thanks to the generous support of our alumni, we have been able to support our future nurse leaders to achieve excellence in their studies.

    Thank you to everyone who gave so generously during our Alumni Challenge. Your continued support of our faculty truly makes a difference!

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