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Optimizing a High-Risk Child’s Potential: Researchers and Parents Working Together

Bloomberg Nursing is proud to present a special lecture & presentation, led by Prof. Margo Pritchard, the Frances Bloomberg International Distinguished Visiting Professor, and Aliza Karoly from the Family-Centred Care Advisory Council (FCCAC) at SickKids.

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Despite evidence of beneficial effects, early identification and intervention strategies have not greatly impacted child development with substantial proportions of children worldwide categorised as developmentally vulnerable at school entry.

Whilst there are numerous vulnerable paediatric groups, preterm birth is important because it is the leading cause of perinatal mortality and morbidity worldwide. To date, preventing prematurity and its impact on developmental outcome has been elusive, necessitating an urgent need for efficient and effective long-term surveillance strategies.

The discussion will explore the impact of prematurity on child development with emphasis on the early detection of emerging problems and risk-factors and whether improved outcomes can be achieved with innovative parent-family led interventional approaches and collaboration with researchers.

Professor Margo Pritchard is a Registered Nurse and Midwife with sub-speciality qualifications in Neonatal Nursing. Following completion of her Doctorate titled “Optimising Very Preterm Infant Outcomes (OPIO): evidence based targeted screening and surveillance method”, she has contributed to multiple peer reviewed publications, has been the chief investigator of randomised controlled trials and collaborated on several international studies.  The current focus of her research program has been in understanding the nature of child health developmental and behavioural surveillance in high-risk neonatal groups.

Professor Pritchard was appointed the 2014-15 Frances Bloomberg International Distinguished Visiting Professor, Lawrence S Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing.  While in Canada, together with Faculty, Professor Pritchard has conducted developmental surveillance workshops and examined models of high-risk child health and developmental surveillance to inform potential research collaboration.

Aliza Karoly is a personal injury and insurance litigator in practice for 15 years and a partner at Carranza LLP.  Personally, she is the parent of two children that have been patients at several ambulatory and surgical clinics at SickKids on an ongoing basis.

Karoly has been a family advisor at SickKids since 2011 and was elected as the co-chair of the Family-Centred Care Advisory Council (FCCAC) at the hospital in 2013.  The council operates under the Centre of Innovation and Excellence for Quality in Child and Family Centred Care.  The Family-Centred Care Advisory Council works together with the hospital to provide a family perspective on policies programs, and plans.  The FCCAC is a group of about 24 volunteers, including SickKids staff, parents, and adult family members of current or former patients, and former patients.

The former director of an Arrowsmith satellite program for children with learning disabilities, Karoly has also had the privilege of being featured with her son in Barbara Arrowsmith-Young’s bestselling book, ‘The Woman who Changed Her Brain.’

At the invitation of Bloomberg Nursing’s dean, Karoly has been a member of the Faculty Council at the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing since October 2014.

DATE: September 21, 2015
TIME: 5:30-7:00pm
LOCATION: MaRS Auditorium, Lower Concourse, MaRS Discovery District, 101 College St, Toronto ON

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