NP Instructional Assistant Positions

Nurse Practitioners (NP) are invited to apply to Instructional Assistant (IA) positions at the Lawrence Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing. IAs are key members of our academic community, working with course instructors to provide high quality educational experiences for our NP students.

Course Titles (term & total number of hours):

Dates of Appointment: Varies – September 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024

Qualifications: CNO Extended Class (Nurse Practitioner) entitled to practice with no restrictions and in good standing; Available for online student and faculty consultations as needed; Expertise and experience relevant to the specific course and subject matter; Excellent verbal and written communication skills; Previous experience with Quercus is an asset.

Duties:Online course participation as agreed with course instructor/professor; Student support via individual meetings, discussion boards, email, etc.; Grading of assignments and tests; Regular collaboration and communication with course instructor/professor; Some class leadership/teaching as agreed with course instructor/professor.