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Rosenstadt Doctoral Dissertation Award Recipients

Since 2007, the Dissertation Grants Program has provided support to doctoral students for their research. Recipients have conducted a wide range of research addressing clinically oriented questions, exploring policy and practice issues, and theories of nursing and health care, reflecting the depth and breadth of knowledge at the Faculty.

Current Recipients


Laura Istanboulian Co-design and mixed method acceptability evaluation of a communiation intervention for use in the adult ICU with infection control procedures (Supervisor: Craig Dale)

Caroline Variath The experiences of health care providers with eligible patients’ loss of decision-making capacity while awaiting medical assistance in dying and their perspectives on using advance consent (Supervisor: Elizabeth Peter)

Past Recipients


Diana Abudu-Birresborn Determining the self-efficacy of nursing students to care for older adults in acute care settings in Ghana: A mixed methods study (Supervisor: Lisa Cranley)

Sara Ling Predictors of and reasons for early discharge among people receiving inpatient withdrawal management (Supervisor: Kristin Cleverley)

Remar Mangaoil An exploratory sequential mixed methods study of nurses’ appraisal of seclusion or restraint use and their decision to participate in immediate staff debriefing in mental health settings (Supervisor: Kristin Cleverley)


Abida Dhukai South Asian women together in a Health Initiative (SATHI): A pilot randomized controlled trial (Supervisor: Monica Parry)

Janice Feather Organizational citizenship behaviours: A relational perspective on the contribution of the nursing workforce to patient safety and quality care (Supervisor: Linda McGillis Hall)

Summer Haddad Sleep and factors affecting sleep for parents of preterm infants compared to parents of healthy term infants: The After-Baby Comparison (ABC) parent sleep study (Supervisor: Robyn Stremler)

Samantha Micsinszki Sleep quality in parents of children 4-10 years old with autism spectrum disorder (Supervisor: Robyn Stremler)


Priscilla Boayke Exploring the moral habitability of the midwifery work environment and the everyday moral practices of midwives in northern Ghana (Supervisor: Elizabeth Peter)

Somayeh Faghanipour A critical narrative inquiry of self-care practices for senior Iranian immigrants with diabetes mellitus: Implications for identity and social justice (Supervisor: Elizabeth Peter)

Sarah Xiao Development and evaluation of an instrument to measure discharge planning processes in mental health care (Supervisor: Ann Tourangeau)


Schroder Sattar The impact of falls on cancer treatment in community-dwelling older adults with cancer (Supervisor: Martine Puts)

Sanja Visekruna Health Need, Demand And Cost Burden Of Type 1 Diabetes Health Technologies On Families (Supervisor: Linda McGillis Hall)


Geraldine Coburn Pain assessment and management in pediatric trauma patients (Supervisor: Bonnie Stevens

Clara Juando Sketching life. Health care access and utilization by young homeless mothers: a Bourdieusian analysis with visual methods (Supervisor: Jan Angus)

Gillian Strudwick Understanding nurses’ perceptions of electronic health record use in an acute care hospital setting (Supervisor: Linda McGillis Hall)


Jacqueline Galica Fear of cancer recurrence among survivors of adult cancers (Supervisor: Kelly Metcalfe)

O’Brien Kyololo Exploring the acceptability and feasibility of behavioural and sweet-tasting interventions for procedural pain management in special care nurseries in Kenya (Supervisor: Bonnie Stevens)

Ping Zou Examination of a culturally sensitive dietary intervention to treat hypertension for Chinese Canadians (DASHNa-CC): A pilot randomized controlled trial in a community setting (Supervisor: Monica Parry)


Samantha Mayo Prospective evaluation of cognitive functioning following allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (Supervisor: Kelly Metcalfe)

Orla Smith Prevalence and predictors of anxiety, depression, and risk for post-traumatic stress in family members of patients in the intensive care unit: the ICU-ADAPTS Survey (Supervisor: Kelly Metcalfe)

Patti Lynn Tracey Non-governmental organizations’ (NGOs) impacts on health care services in rural Honduras: evaluating a short-term medical mission utilizing a case study approach (Supervisor: Carles Muntaner)


Efrosini Papaconstantinou The feasibility and acceptability of the Relax to Sleep Program on pediatric sleep during hospitalization and beyond: A pilot randomized controlled trial (Supervisor: Robyn Stremler)

Winnie Sun A mixed-methods study: examining the relationship between therapeutic self-care and adverse events for home care clients in Ontario (Supervisor: Diane Doran)


Maki Iwasi The social effects of gestational diabetes in high-risk ethnic groups (Supervisor: Sioban Nelson)

Shan Mohammed A Foucauldian examination of patient subjectivity: a case study of patients with advanced cancer receiving further medical treatment (Supervisor: Elizabeth Peter)

Shu-Liu Guo Influence of beliefs about cancer pain and analgesics on pain experience outcomes in Taiwanese patients with lung or colorectal cancer (Supervisor: Doris Howell


Lisa Seto Palliative end-of-life home care and Chinese immigrants: the meaning of home and negotiations of care (Supervisor: Jan Angus)

Sheila O’Keefe-McCarthy Pain and anxiety in acute coronary syndrome patients awaiting transfer for diagnostic cardiac catheterization (Supervisor: Michael McGillion)


Barbara Wilson-Keates Exploring determinants of registered nurses’ trust in their managers (Supervisor: Ann Tourangeau)

Michelle Lalonde Emotional intelligence and the socialization of new graduate nurses through preceptorship (Supervisor: Linda McGillis Hall)

Lifeng Fan Factors Influencing Self-Management Education Interventions on Adults with Type 2 Diabetes: A Meta-Analysis of RCT (Supervisor: Souraya Sidani)


Sheri Price The experience of choosing nursing as a career: narratives from the millennial nurses (Supervisor: Linda McGillis Hall)

Anne Simmonds Understanding the moral nature of intrapartum nursing: identities, relationships and values (Supervisor: Elizabeth Peter)


Sona A. Udod Relations of power between staff nurses and nurse managers (Supervisor: Diane Doran)

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