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Research Opportunities

  • Summer Undergraduate Student Research Programs

    A number of summer undergraduate student research opportunities are available every year at Bloomberg Nursing, which are funded by the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing and the Bertha Rosenstadt Health Research Fund.

    The objective of these programs is to provide undergraduate students with the opportunity of working on research projects and undertaking research activities under the supervision of a researcher at Bloomberg Nursing. Undergraduate students will acquire experience about the research process and be able to explore their research interests in this program. Students are notified in the winter term of the application dates each year.


    Each applicant may submit only ONE application for this program.

    To be eligible:

    • Applicants must be enrolled in the first year of their BScN at Bloomberg Nursing.
    • Applicants who have completed their undergraduate program are not eligible.
    • Applicants should have a minimum grade point average of A- (3.7) to be eligible.

    Application Procedure

    Applicants must submit the following to

    • The application cover sheet
    • A one-page description, which must include the following:
      • Area of research interest/faculty member
      • Past experience as a research assistant
      • Other related skills (e.g., computer software, statistics, publications, etc.)
    • A current curriculum vitae (no longer than two pages)
    • An official academic record of GPA (current ROSI/ACORN print-out is acceptable)

    The 2018 competition has now closed. For information about the program, please contact



  • Bertha Rosenstadt Doctoral Research Dissertation Grants Program

    Bloomberg Nursing provides an annual funding opportunity designed to assist eligible doctoral students through the doctoral research dissertation grant program. This program supports research undertaken as part of the academic program to qualify for a doctorate at the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing. The dissertation award supports dissertation research costs for students in good standing in the program, who are making timely progress towards their degrees. Students may receive only one dissertation grant throughout their program.

    Application Requirements

    Funding Available
    Up to four awards will be provided, each valued at $1,000. Two awards will be made in the fall competition and two in the spring competition.

    Graduate students may apply for this award provided:

    • They are registered in the doctoral degree program at Bloomberg Nursing;
    • They are in good standing in that program;
    • They have completed all course requirements for the degree;
    • The dissertation proposal has been successfully defended;
    • They are at the data collection phase of the dissertation;
    • They are in year 3 or 4 of the program;
    • They have not received any other funding to support these specific dissertation activities – including the SGS Doctoral Completion Award;
    • They have received Research Ethics Board approval for their study.

    Application Review Process
    All applications will be reviewed by the Research Committee.

    Application Procedure

    Doctoral students wishing to apply should submit one copy of the following materials:

    • A letter explaining the student’s needs for funding (one page);
    • A detailed budget for the expenses (1/2 to one page);
    • A declaration of previous doctoral awards addressing any overlap (1/2 page);
    • A statement of the current status of dissertation research and writing (1/2 page);
    • The dissertation abstract (one page);
    • A statement from the student’s supervisor, supporting this request for funding and commenting on the dissertation project and its contribution to the field of scholarship;
    • The student’s current CV, including a list of conference presentations and publications (maximum three pages);
    • The REB approval letter.

    Eligible Expenses:

    • Photocopying
    • Postage
    • Travel or parking related to study data collection
    • Incidental research expenses

    Ineligible Expenses:

    • Travel to conferences and meetings

    The fall 2018 competition is now closed. The next competition will open in 2019. 

    For further information, please contact

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