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Sept 7-Oct 18, 2020

6 week course

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Delivery Format: Online

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  • Course Description

    This is the first of four online courses which comprise the Certificate in Leadership and Management.

    This 6-week online course focuses on development of a foundational knowledge base in leadership & management. It is designed to meet the needs of those starting careers in or aspiring towards leadership positions in healthcare. Content will specifically address leader/manager competencies required for effective leadership & management of clinical teams.  The context within which the leader/manager functions, may include acute care, community, primary health care, and/or long-term care; and the leader/manager’s clients may include frontline health care professionals, unregulated professionals and support staff, and patients and their families. Participants will explore a wide variety of situations, and common issues encountered in these roles.

    The course includes:

    • exploration of leadership and management standards and competencies
    • opportunity to reflect on one’s own personal development as a leader/manager
    • exploration of organizational behaviours and the mid-level leader/manager’s role within this context
    • application of evidence informed strategies to effectively lead/manage the clinical team environment

    This is the first of four online courses. It has been approved as one component of a (Not-for–Credit) “Certificate in Leadership & Management” for participants successfully completing all four courses within a two year period.

    The four courses are:

  • Registration Information

    Fees for Course 1 –
    Special Bloomberg 100th Anniversary Pricing

    Early Bird price (ends August 7, 2020) $790 + HST
    Regular price (starting August 8, 2020) $875 + HST
    U of T Nursing Alumni save 15%* $745 + HST
    U of T Nursing Adjunct and Status Faculty save 15%** $745 + HST

    Please Note

    • Refund Policy – To withdraw from the course and receive a refund, your written request must be emailed to by August 7, 2020. No refunds will be given after this date. All refunds are subject to an administration fee of $100 + tax. As an alternative, a colleague may attend in your place. Please send your substitution request at least 7 days before the course.
    • Advanced registration is required. Registration deadline: August 28, 2020.
    • U of T Nursing Alumni discount is available to BScN, MN, PMNP Diploma, MScN or PhD graduates of the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto.
    • U of T Nursing Faculty discount is available to individuals with a faculty position, adjunct or status appointment, or are a Clinical Instructor (current academic year only) at the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto.
    • Applicable taxes (13% HST) will be added to the registration fees.
    • Course Cancellation Policy – The University reserves the right to cancel courses due to unavailability of instructors, facilities or insufficient enrolment. Decisions on course cancellations are made at least 15 calendar days prior to the course starting date, so early registration is recommended. If you enroll in a course that is subsequently cancelled, you may transfer to another section of that course if an alternative is available; or you may receive a full refund. We are not responsible for travel fees or any expenses incurred by you.
  • Admission and Evaluation

    There are no pre-requisites or application process for this course. Overall evaluation will be based on:
    • Coherent organization, clarity of writing and presentation
    • Thoughtful selection and integration of relevant ideas from course modules, readings and assignments
    • Depth of discussion and evidence of analytic and critical thinking skills
    • Evidence of new understanding at a personal level in relation to leadership and management
    Participants must obtain a final cumulative minimum average of 70% based on all evaluation methods for a successful completion status. International students are eligible to register for this course. Participants are expected to have a good command of oral and written English, as all course material is delivered in the English language.

    What does Not-for-Credit mean?

    The Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing has approved the Centre for Professional Development to offer Not-for-Credit certificates. University of Toronto policy (2016) states that not-for credit certificates are not counted for any credit toward any degree program, and participants are not registered as UofT students.
  • Course Design

    This course is a 6 week course delivered through the University of Toronto’s learning management system (Quercus).  It is primarily self-paced, however participants are required to engage in discussions and submit activities/assignments within identified timelines (usually weekly). Participants need to allocate ~8 hours per week to complete the required components of the course.

    On a weekly basis, participants will view an e-learning module, read required readings, and actively engage with the course material by participating in learning activities. The emphasis of learning activities and assignments is on the notion of application of theory to practice and critical reflection.


    As of July 2020 — Schedule may be subject to change.

    Section 1
    Week 1 Exploration of the leader/manager’s role competencies & role functions/definitions

    • Overview of existing leader/manager standards and competencies
    • Defining middle leadership roles in Nursing
    • Functions & span of control
    Week 2 Review of relevant leadership & management theories/concepts:

    • Exploration of foundational thinking skills: systems thinking, decision making/ frameworks, critical thinking, clinical reasoning
    • Strategy, alliances/networking, vision, ethical issues, clinical practice knowledge, professional advocacy, academic partnerships, legal & legislative knowledge etc.
    Week 3 Personal leadership development (“Self as leader/manager”):

    • Role Transition theory; Staff to manager/leader
    • Personal & professional accountability
    • Self-reflection
    • Personal/professional development planning: career; scholarship in the role
    • Supports for leaders/managers; orientation needs
    Section 2
    Week 4 Understanding the big picture:

    • Organizational & external influences (standards, mandates, government policies, legislation etc.)  on the mid-level leader/manager’s role
    • Exploring the importance and influence of organizational context:
      • Organizational Behavior & Structures
      • Organizational culture
      • Power & influence; Negotiation
    • Stuck in the middle: managing up and down….
    Week 5 The leader/manager’s role in leading their team’s environment & culture:

    • Healthy Workplace Environment
    • Diversity, Team building, Fairness & Just Culture, Inquiry
    • Workplace civility
    Week 6
    • Supporting professional standards, scholarship and research
    • Proactive and strategic planning; goals & objectives; policies and procedures; Vison of patient care & team function; accountabilities
    • Role modelling professional behavior; Promoting self-care, apply motivational theory, Promote stress management
    • Core communication & strategies; Shared decision –making/governance
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