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Self Paced (Available now)

Controlled Drugs and Substances: Essential Management and Prescribing Practices

This course is approved by the College of Nurses of Ontario in meeting the educational requirements for prescribing controlled drugs and substances. It is designed to provide nurse practitioners with the knowledge and skills required for safe, high quality assessment and management of clients who may require the prescription of a Controlled Drug or Substance (CDS). This is an online, fully self-paced course that you may start at any time.

August 18-19, 2018

NP-Primary Health Care: Nurse Practitioner Exam Prep Course

This intensive two day course will prepare participants to be successful in writing the Canadian Nurse Practitioner Examination (CNPE) Specialty Certificate: Primary Health Care (Family All Ages) exam.

September 3-November 11, 2018

Advanced Ostomy Care and Management

This is a 10 week self-directed online course for healthcare professionals interested in enhancing their knowledge and skill in the application of best practices for ostomy and peristomal skin care. It is applicable to individuals working in acute, long-term care & community settings. This comprehensive course will assist you to critically analyze complex ostomy care problems and apply unique management techniques required to provide quality care and support to people and families who are living with ostomies.

September 15, 2018

OSCE Simulations for Nurse Practitioners – A Preparatory Course

This course will assist Nurse Practitioners to prepare and build confidence for participation in an OSCE (Objective Standardized Comprehensive Evaluation). Participants will learn how to effectively demonstrate and communicate their ability to conduct a focused history and physical examination, make a diagnosis, and communicate a therapeutic plan of care.

Fall 2018/Winter 2019

Nursing Education for the Practice Setting: Theoretical Perspectives and Context (New Course!)

This 10-week on-line course focuses on development of a foundational knowledge base in education theory and pedagogical issues relevant to nursing education in the practice setting. Participants will explore the challenges and opportunities for teaching and learning, and educational leadership within the unique context of practice settings.

October 13-14, 2018

Excelling in the Care of the Older Adult: A Course for Nurse Practitioners and Advanced Practice Nurses

Expert knowledge and the provision of skilful care for the older adult have become essential components of practice in both acute and primary care. This two day course, designed by nurse practitioners specialized in the field of geriatric care, will increase your confidence and improve the depth and breadth of your knowledge in geriatric care.

October 19, 2018

Get Your Message Across: A Course on Effective Communication and Presentation Skills

This one-day interactive workshop is designed to build confidence and effectiveness in professional communication and presentation skills. Develop your knowledge and skill in the design, delivery and evaluation of presentations that exhibit a credible and clear professional message.

October 20, 2018

Conquering Challenging Workplace Conversations

This one-day interactive workshop is designed to build the skill and confidence of healthcare leaders to effectively manage critical workplace conversations. The workshop will provide participants with knowledge, tools and strategies for understanding how conflict begins, when and how to have a difficult conversation, managing group dynamics, and how to control nerves and anxieties in uncomfortable circumstances.

November 10, 2018

Review of Health Assessment Across the Lifespan

This one-day course will review health assessment using a systems approach and will include how to do a head to toe assessment. Participants will practice focused health assessments in a simulation laboratory. This course will provide a refresher on health assessment for practicing registered nurses or nurse practitioner students or nurse practitioners who wish to review and build upon their health assessment skills.

November 23-24, 2018

Wound Management for Nurse Practitioners and Advanced Practice Nurses: A Best Practice Boot Camp on Lower Extremity Ulcers

This interactive two day course will provide Nurse Practitioners and Advanced Practice Nurses with up-to-date practices in wound management, focusing on the management of lower extremity ulcers and diabetic foot ulcers. The course will equip NPs and APNs with the knowledge and skill to effectively assess, diagnose and manage lower extremity wounds. Interactive simulation lab sessions will focus on physical assessment, diagnostic reasoning, selection and use of wound treatments; and advanced wound management techniques.

Fall 2018

Advanced Health Assessment and Clinical Reasoning in Primary Health Care: A Review for Nurse Practitioners

This 8-week online course for Nurse Practitioners and/or nurse practitioner students offers a focused review of advanced health assessment. Emphasis is placed on the clinical reasoning and decision-making skills required to accurately assess and diagnose clients typically seen in a primary health care setting across the lifespan.

Fall 2018

Managing Urgent/Emergent Clinical Problems in Adults: A Course for Nurse Practitioners

This intensive course will focus on the management of urgent/emergent clinical problems that may be encountered by Nurse Practitioners working in acute care and other settings where clients present with urgent presentations. An interactive and case based approach will be utilized to review acute clinical problems with an emphasis on critical thinking and clinical reasoning skills.

Winter 2019

NCLEX-RN Exam Prep Course – Designed for Canadian Writers

This intensive two-day NCLEX-RN™ preparation course is designed to build confidence, review relevant content, and provide strategies to prepare candidates for the NCLEX-RN exam.

Winter 2019

Chronic Disease and Symptom Optimization in the Care of the Elderly: A Course for Nurse Practitioners and Advanced Practice Nurses

This two day course, designed by nurse practitioners specialized in the field of geriatric care, is a companion course to Excelling in the Care of the Elderly. You will further enhance your skill and knowledge in geriatric care, through an in depth focus on special topics such as end of life care (including MAID), deprescribing, and controlled drug and substance use.

Winter 2019

National Institute on Nursing Informatics

The National Institute on Nursing Informatics is a unique educational opportunity for nurses interested in learning more about advances in Canadian nursing and health informatics. The 2 day onsite institute will focus on key issues and challenges related to informatics in practice, administration, research and education.

Spring 2019

PeriAnaesthesia Review Course

This one day course will cover essential competencies in the care of the perianesthesia patient. The Canadian Nurses Association’s (CNA) Blueprint for Perianesthesia Nursing Practice is the framework used for the content review. The course will include best practices and current evidence related to assessment, care planning and management across all phases of the perianesthesia experience (pre-operative, intra-operative and post-operative).

Spring 2019

Advanced Skills for Progressive and Life-Limiting Illness Conversations

This workshop will focus on developing advanced skills for facilitating conversations associated with progressive and advanced disease transitions. Emphasis will be placed on principles of effective communication and shared decision making, mitigating conflict and managing high emotional states, and strategies for sharing bad news and conducting serious illness conversations. The workshop will address both the perspective of the client and family, and the health care professional.

Spring 2019

Writing for Publication: A Course for Novice Authors

Writing for publication is an essential skill to support the dissemination of knowledge and innovation in nursing practice, research and education. This one day course will provide the novice nurse writer with the essential knowledge and tools to author a publication.

Spring 2019

Pressure Injuries and Complex Surgical Wounds: An Advanced Practice Course

Based on the latest standards of care, this course will focus on the diagnosis and treatment of pressure injuries and surgical wounds. Nurse Practitioners, Advanced Practice Nurses, and Registered Nurses working with clients at risk or who have pressure injuries will learn advanced technical skills in wound management as well as gain an understanding of the latest technologies in wound healing.

Spring 2019

The Foundations and Scholarship of Clinical Teaching

This two-day workshop for clinical instructors and nurse educators focuses on theoretical and practical dimensions of clinical teaching from a transformational learning perspective. Key elements of transformative learning theory serve as the foundation for reflective discussion and activities. Participants will have opportunity for interaction and networking with other nurses interested in clinical teaching.

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