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Bridgepoint Health

Bridgepoint Health

Through its hospital, family health team and research collaboratory, Bridgepoint is dedicated to providing compassionate, exceptional care and service to people living with complex chronic disease.

Bridgepoint’s evidence-based programs and services cover 18 core areas including: memory/cognition, behaviour, mental health/ psychosocial, pain management, mobility, speaking/ communicating, falls prevention, spasticity/contractures, dialysis, medication management, life skills and activities of daily living.

Supported by our community-affiliation with the University of Toronto, Bridgepoint is dedicated to advancing knowledge, expertise and care through research, teaching and learning.

Students at Bridgepoint:

I had hands on practice, which will remain with me for the rest of my nursing career.

– Bridgepoint Nursing Student

Deeply committed to nursing education, from a student’s first clinical placement through to the post graduate level, Bridgepoint has increased our numbers of preceptored nursing students over 500% since 2007. Supported by our in-house mentorship program, our nursing staff’s commitment to teaching is reflected in the doubling of nursing student numbers in that same time period. Students greatly appreciate the scaffolded independence our preceptor nurses provide.

Students routinely praise our hands-on, two-day orientation process supported by an easy to access online component that students can review prior to their arrival.

In addition to basic orientation, our website provides information for students to participate in interprofessional education – a foundation for true collaborative patient-centred care. Students can learn with, from and about over a dozen disciplines at Bridgepoint’s Interprofessional Lunches which have been accredited by the Centre for IPE at the University of Toronto.  The day-to-day teamwork that all students experience at Bridgepoint is often mentioned in their evaluations.

When Bridgepoint’s new building opens in spring 2013, students will work in a state-of-the-art setting that will enable increased excellence in clinical interprofessional education.


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