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The Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing offers a broad spectrum of innovative practicum placements at some of Canada’s leading teaching hospitals and community organizations. Our strong clinical partnerships provide students with the very best opportunities to work with outstanding clinicians, be on teams engaged in new and innovative practices, and learn in forward-thinking organizations. We fortunately have affiliation agreements with Toronto Academic Health Science Network (TAHSN) teaching hospitals which provide our students with the opportunity to work with and learn directly from leading practitioners in a variety of disciplines utilizing evidence-informed clinical protocols.

Additionally we have student placement agreements in a number of organizations to give our students placements in various other cities. While we make our best effort to accommodate student preferences for specific locations, students may only complete practicum placements within organizations with which we have formal student placement or affiliation agreements. For students outside of the Greater Toronto Area, especially outside of Ontario, we may not able to secure placements close to where they reside. Students may need to relocate or travel to complete some or all of their practicum experiences.

It is important to note that prior to September of each academic year, new and continuing students must submit documents demonstrating they have met practicum placement requirements, including results of a police record check (vulnerable sector screening) and up-to-date immunization records. Students should time their certifications so they are covered for the full duration until the end of June every year to avoid having to re-certify midway through the year and incur additional costs. Expiry dates cannot occur prior to June 30 of Year 1.

Practicum is an integral part of the program. As necessary to support and evaluate your progress in the program, we may share information with agency representatives including your preceptor/clinical instructor, professional practice liaison, or educational coordinator.

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