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  • The University of Toronto School of Graduate Studies (SGS) provides detailed information on financing your graduate education on the SGS website. Please read their guide.

    Funding Policy for Doctoral Students 2019-2020
    1The annual base funding package for eligible domestic and international full-time PhD students in the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing is $17,250 plus tuition fees. Base funding is composed of a combination of i) internal awards and fellowships and ii) Teaching Assistantships (including Clinical Instructor roles).

    Please refer to the Funding Detail tab.
    2PhD students are eligible for base funding during their first four years in the PhD program. For most students, this means they are eligible for funding from year 1 to year 4. For transfer students, they are eligible for base funding from year 2 to year 5 (since their first year of registration is in the MN program). If students choose not to seek the base funding package or become ineligible for base funding in a given year, they lose that year of base funding eligibility.
    3In order to maintain eligibility for base funding, students are expected to pursue their studies full-time, must maintain good academic standing, and must make satisfactory progress toward degree completion. Please refer to the attached appendix for details. Base funding may be cancelled for those not in good standing or not making satisfactory progress.
    4To promote timely student progress, full-time graduate students should normally limit their on-campus employment, including TA-ing, to no more than an average of 10 hours per week over the year. This ensures that sufficient time can be devoted to the academic requirements of the program. Full-time registered students should not be employed on a full-time basis in addition to their studies, unless approved by the Faculty of Nursing. Students should discuss their employment status with their supervisor each year.
    5PhD students are encouraged to seek external funding to enhance their CV and increase their income. Funding sources include external competitive studentship awards such as CIHR, SSHRC, CNA, RNAO, OGS, and awards from independent foundations as well as Hospital/Research Institute Awards. The Student Services Office will make every effort to notify PhD students and supervisors of competitions and will support application processes
    6Base funding usually comprises of one to several internal awards. PhD students must apply for these internal awards each year. Those receiving internal awards must abide by all the terms and conditions of the award. These are specified in the award letter that each PhD student receives notifying him/her of the award.
    7PhD students must promptly report any change in their status that would affect their eligibility for base funding.
    8PhD students must abide by any reporting requirements as set by external funding agencies, donors, and the faculty.
    9PhD students who either withdraw from, have their registration cancelled, or who take a leave (e.g. parental leave) from the program, or for any reason become ineligible for the base funding package, will receive prorated base funding based on the number of months of eligibility, taking into account the tuition fee payment schedule. PhD students taking a parental leave should seek additional guidance and support through the Family Care Office. The SGS Parental Grant program is also available.
    10The base funding package may be requested until the end of the fall term. After this date, a request will be considered only under extenuating circumstances.
    11Students may be funded through third party “external funding” sources. Typically, these sources include foreign government sponsorships, external fellowships/scholarships from recognized external agencies, employers and other external funding sources. External funding from well-established programs such as the tri-council scholarships or provincial programs such as the OGS are excluded in the definition of external funding source for this policy.

    • Students receiving third party external funding are not eligible for the base funding package provided by the Faculty.

    • Students receiving such external funding may be eligible for the internal base funding only if the external funding is less than the Faculty’s base funding amount. The difference will be made up through internal base funding.

    • Such external funding must be approved by the Faculty as well as the School of Graduate Studies. The external agency must provide a written commitment specifying the amount and duration of the funding, and any conditions associated with the funding. This written commitment should be submitted to the Faculty prior to admission.

    • Self-funding by a student from personal or family funds, either directly or indirectly, or from any other funds whose source is not a recognized funding agency approved by SGS, is not permitted.
    12The base funding policy is reviewed and revised annually and the Faculty reserves the right to modify the policy as needed.
  • Basic funding package available for 2019-2020
    The base funding package normally consists of 3 elements:
    Tuition fee (approximate value: $7,800)
    Award (approximate value $10,650)
    Teaching Assistantship (approximate value $6,600 based on 140 hours of TA work)
    Overall, the minimum value of the base funding package is $17,250 plus tuition fee, or approximately $25,050.
    Satisfactory progress
    Students are considered to be in good academic standing and making satisfactory progress toward the degree when they meet the timelines and milestones such as those for PhD candidacy as outlined in “Requirements for Candidacy: Three Components” and follow other requirements for the program (e.g., 2 PhD supervisory committee meetings per year). Students are expected to defend their thesis by end of year 4.
    Please note the following:
    1Tuition fee payment is made by the Faculty of Nursing in the form of an award. In other words, the Faculty applies to the student tuition account the amount equivalent to the tuition amount over 3 terms (fall, winter and summer). This amount may be listed as an award on a CV.
    2The award portion of the base funding package may be given in the form of one or more awards.
    3PhD students are required to apply for a Teaching Assistantship at the beginning of the academic year. The Faculty will do its best to secure a TA position for PhD students receiving base funding. Failure to accept a TA position that is offered normally leads to forfeit of the TA portion of the base funding.
    4A letter detailing the amount and the source of the base funds will be provided to each PhD student each year.
    5Although student awards are typically exempt from income tax, TA income is not. Students should consult the Canada Revenue Agency or a tax professional for information.
    6While on parental leave, students are not eligible for the base funding package. However, they may be eligible for the School of Graduate Studies Parental Grant

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