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Confirmation letters

Confirmation letters and courier delivery 

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Letters can be provided with a list of courses taken, confirmation of current registration, estimated graduation date and/or confirmation of requirements completed. These requests will take up to 5 business days to complete and can be produced digitally and emailed or a hard copy can be printed for pickup or sent through standard mail. If the document needs to be sent via courier, courier delivery must be added to your order. 

Confirmation of registration letter, BScN – $8

Official letter stating current enrolment as an undergraduate BScN student at the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing. The letter includes program of study, enrolment status, current year of study, program start date and expected date of completion.

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Confirmation of degree requirements, BScN  – $8

Official letter stating completion of the all undergrad BScN degree requirements at the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing. This letter includes program of study, start and end date and enrolment status during the period of study.

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Completion confirmation letter of specific courses and/or curricular content, NP – $8

For NP grads who require a letter confirming completion of CNO approved Controlled Drugs and Substances (CDS) content or a list of courses taken and total clinical hours.

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General Confirmation of registration or degree requirement letters, Graduate programs (MN, PMNP, PhD) – No Fee

For standard documentation such as confirmation of registration or degree requirements visit the School of Graduate Studies website:

For Courier delivery please contact:


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