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For those students who have required practicum components in their educational programs, in addition to other required vaccinations, these nursing students are required to receive full COVID-19 vaccination before entering practicums (as per Directive 6 for Public Hospitals). For the majority of placement sites proof of receipt of a third dose will be required. The Province has mandated third doses for all staff, students, volunteers, caregivers and support workers in long term care settings by 28 January, 2022.

Students are required to upload proof of full COVID-19 vaccination into the SYNERGY platform that is used to assess and confirm student readiness for practicums.  Please note that the SYNERGY system and the UCheck system are not connected and do not share information. This health-related information, including COVID-19 vaccination information, is required before a nursing student is confirmed in a practicum at a hospital or other health care placement site. Clinical agency partners require COVID-19 vaccination for all staff, medical personnel, students, and contractors. Student COVID-19 vaccination status will be communicated with clinical agency partners. Therefore, we require proof of vaccination of an approved COVID-19 vaccination series.

Recording of COVID-19 vaccination status in Synergy is provided free of charge by Synergy with no cost to you.  Students are required to upload proof of each dose of the COVID-19 vaccination.

Instructions – How to Upload COVID-19 vaccination information in Synergy – [PDF]

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