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MN and Post-Master Nurse Practitioner Diploma Students & Applicants: COVID-19 FAQ

Last updated May 13, 2020 at 10:44 AM

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I am an international applicant. Will I be able to begin classes in the fall if travel restrictions are still in place?
The current situation is evolving rapidly and the University is monitoring events closely. We are committed to finding ways to allow international students to begin their studies at the University of Toronto in the 2020-21 academic year. The Faculty will monitor Government of Canada advisories.

Can I defer my admission to a graduate program due to all that’s going on with COVID-19?
Our usual practice for granting deferrals is to review the requests on a case by case basis. The Nurse Practitioner,  Health Systems Leadership & Administration, and Doctor of Nursing programs are normally offered primarily on-line, so the major impact or areas for possible changes are the on-campus residencies and the practicum requirements. The Clinical Nursing and PhD programs are normally offered on-campus but we have the platform and capabilities to offer these programs on-line, if required. Please reach out to us at to discuss your situation and if you have questions.
What do I do if I can’t take an English Facility test due to closures caused by COVID-19?
We completely understand that it may be impossible for the near future for anyone to take an English Facility test. You can still continue with your application. We can review all the other components for admission. If you’re offered admission, the language component would be a condition and we could address that when the time comes. We may also request an interview with you, if considered appropriate.
What if I can’t submit my original transcripts because my University is closed due to COVID-19?
Please ensure that you have uploaded electronic copies of your transcripts/grades to your application. We can use these until the originals are available. If you’re offered admission, the submission of your official transcripts would be a condition of admission and we could address that when the time comes.
What if I can’t submit my original transcripts because there is no mail service in my country due to COVID-19?
Please ensure that you have uploaded electronic copies of your transcripts/grades to your application. We can use these until the originals are available. If you’re offered admission, the submission of your official transcripts would be a condition of admission and we could address that when the time comes.
My referee can’t submit a reference for me by the deadline as s/he is overwhelmed with COVID-19-related work. What can I do?
You are welcome to change or add a reference. Please email us at with the name and contact details for the new referee and we can make the change to your application for you.
Funding Opportunity Directory

The University of Toronto is working to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, including providing emergency financial support and work-study opportunities for students. Visit the directory to learn more about these university financial aid supports as well as provincial and federal government programs. 

I am working as an RN full time at my organization given the COVID-19 situation. What options do I have for my assignments?
Course instructors have instituted measures to minimize workload in regard to course evaluation requirements, while allowing for students to meet the course learning objectives. If you are unable to meet an assignment deadline because of your COVID 19 employment responsibilities, you must discuss this with your course instructor. In order to finish a course successfully, you must successfully complete and attain a minimum B- average across evaluation methods to receive credit for a course.
Will I be able to graduate?
The Faculty is committed to having Year 2 students graduate this year and Year 1 students to complete courses needed to progress into Year 2 starting September 2020. Courses will be offered remotely for the remainder of this academic year. If your spring / summer course has a clinical component, the clinical component is being replaced by learning strategies that enable you to continue to develop your knowledge, clinical / leadership reasoning skills, etc. within the remote (QUERCUS) learning environment.
Will clinical placements in the Spring continue as planned?
No, clinical placements will not proceed this spring term. Practicums remain paused until July 6, 2020. All planned spring / summer session courses will proceed. Students will engage in online virtual learning activities in place of practicums for current and upcoming courses.
Can we complete placements with fewer hours if placements are delayed?
No, clinical placements remain paused until July 6th 2020 for all health science students.
What is social / physical distancing?
Social / physical distancing is a public health practice that aims to minimize contact with other persons who may or may not have contracted the virus. The purpose of social / physical distancing is to prevent sick people from passing the virus to healthy people by reducing opportunities for disease transmission.

This generally includes canceling large group events, closing public spaces, avoiding crowds, keeping physical distance from others, and so on.

With COVID-19, the goal of social / physical distancing is to slow down the spread of the virus from person to person and to reduce the burden on health care systems and workers.

How can I help?
We must all make our own decisions about what level of risk we are willing to accept. As future health professionals, the Faculty trusts you will make the responsible decisions.

Volunteer opportunities are independent of academic studies and the University, even if the activities take place on sites that are affiliated with the University (e.g. at major hospitals or with academic appointees requesting volunteers). As a volunteer, the University’s insurance coverage, WSIB, coverage through the University (including the coverage applicable during student placements), financial support, or logistical support would not be available to you for volunteer activities.

Unless the organization or site at which you are volunteering makes it available to you, as a volunteer, you may only be covered in case of injury or illness in the course of volunteering through your OHIP/UHIP and your extended health coverage plan, if you have one. Please make sure you are protecting yourself, following public health advice, and informing yourself of the potential risks of any volunteer opportunity. We ask that you continue to consult the University’s central webpage for links to public health authorities, travel advisories, and student supports including mental health resources. Please stay safe and take care of yourself during these difficult times as you try to help others.

Staying Well/Mental Health

Health and Wellness at St. George campus is open and available for all students. Learn more or book a virtual appointment.

The University encourages everyone to be mindful of their own mental

  • Turning off and stop watching email, the news or social media;
  • Ensure that you are taking time for family or loved ones (even if virtually) View Health and Wellness Resources.
Province of Ontario Supports Postsecondary Students During COVID-19
The government of Ontario is easing the financial burden on students and making sure they can complete their studies during the COVID-19 outbreak by temporarily deferring payments for Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) loans and making online learning supports, including year-end exams, available to postsecondary institutions. Read more…
COVID-19 contact tracing volunteer opportunity

Researchers, students, medical and allied healthcare professionals with training in data analytics, programming, lab skills, medicine, allied health professions, mental health, public health are needed to help with contact tracing. Learn more about the registry. 

This registry is part of a volunteer-built national website led by Guillaume Bourke of McGill and me: Our website aims to collect, direct and coordinate people involved in COVID19 research across the country. It is supported by multiple U15 universities, and complements a U15-built invitation-only COVID-19 Slack community discussion platform launched in recent days.


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