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Meet our student Nisa Mullaithilaga

Nisa Mullaithilaga,
First-Year Undergraduate Student

“I have been captivated by the charismatic faculty at Bloomberg Nursing and the high level of success my professors have achieved.

“I’ve approached my schooling with a long-term goal of developing my skills to play a role in changing certain areas of health-care systems. After exploring different options, it became clear to me that nursing, through U of T Nursing, is how I can make that difference.”

Academics, awards and accolades – Nisa Mullaithilaga has embraced postsecondary life at University of Toronto to the fullest. Managing a bachelor’s degree in cellular molecular biology then a master’s in pathology, all while forming the first intermural dance team at U of T Scarborough campus, Mullaithilaga brought impressive credentials to Bloomberg Nursing when she began the program this past fall.

“I participated in dance from a young age and that grew to include roles in community service and as a youth coordinator,” says Mullaithilaga. “When I first started at U of T, there were so many great programs and opportunities I could get involved with like the Tamil Student Association and becoming a founding member, and choreographer, of the first intramural dance team for Tamil students at U of T Scarborough.”

Balancing coursework with extracurricular activities provided valuable U of T student experience to Mullaithilaga, while also setting up the groundwork for managing the intricacies and organization needed in health-care roles. Originally, Mullaithilaga had set her sights on a career in medicine when she began to re-evaluate that decision and gave serious consideration to nursing. Through observation and personal experience, Mullaithilaga saw that nursing provided a stronger connection to patients and she knew this was the right decision. Researching her different options, Mullaithilaga found that what she was looking for was right on her doorstep, in the U of T community, and applied to Bloomberg Nursing.

“Right from the beginning of the school year, everything with the U of T Nursing faculty has been so positive. The faculty is encouraging and recognizes the work of students and I really get the sense that they truly care about the students and want them to succeed.”

Mullaithilaga counts 2014 as one mark of success when she graduates from the program, and looks to apply her schooling from Bloomberg Nursing in a professional setting. Her previous work with autistic children and a role in a youth advisory panel to help students recognize mental health issues has her leaning toward work in paediatrics or mental health and addiction. With that goal in mind, she also plans on applying her experience with dance and other artistic mediums to fostering positive patient outcomes. Already equipped with some impressive credentials and experience, Mullaithilaga is well on her way to make a meaningful contribution to nursing.

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