Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing

2017/2018 Student Awards – Document Upload Form

Congratulations on your student award!

You’ve worked hard to achieve your goals throughout your academic journey here at the Lawrence S. Bloomberg, Faculty of Nursing. Your donor is excited to learn more about you − your interests and how their support impacts you as a student.

Please show your appreciation for your donor’s support by submitting the following documents and filling out the form below:

• Thank you Note
• Biography
• Headshot

The information you share will be formatted into a letter and sent to your donor as a small token of appreciation.

Your letter helps to nurture strong relationships between award recipients and donors, encouraging ongoing support for other students like you at the Lawrence S. Bloomberg, Faculty of Nursing.

NOTE:  Please make sure the file names of your documents do not contain any special characters such as apostrophes (for example Jane’s Bio).  For security reasons, files named as such will generate an error message.

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