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Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing fosters multidimensional partnerships with major teaching hospitals and community organizations in Canada and abroad.

In true collegial spirit, the Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing works closely with some of Canada’s foremost teaching hospitals, clinical settings and community organizations. This affords us the opportunity to provide our students the best and most diverse clinical practicum placements in Canada — or virtually anywhere.

Partnering with our team of over 250 preceptors and clinical instructors, our students gain the opportunity to work with and learn directly from leading practitioners in a variety of disciplines utilizing evidence-informed clinical protocols.

Student efforts are supported by our national collaborations, as well as the Hospital and the University Nursing Education Committee (HUNEC).  This is an advisory group of key U of T Nursing faculty and staff from our partner hospitals and institutions. They work to plan new education initiatives, such as student placements, and better the ways to engage clinical faculty and preceptors in our students’ education.



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