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Primary Health Care
    Prior to watching this video, please review the Q & A’s below which highlight the historical context within which Primary Health Care has evolved locally and globally during the years 1978 -2008.  The video can then be viewed as a whole or one part at a time.  The two parts are:

    This video highlights community health nurses’ reflections upon thirty years of Primary Health Care in Canada. The narratives confirm that community health nurses (CHNs) support the values and principles of PHC and share an ongoing commitment to struggle for the full implementation of PHC within Canada. Community health nurses, academics, and administrators/physicians interviewed in the video reflect upon local and global PHC challenges and best practices. The Canadian PHC experience is compared with several international experiences including the Brazilian experience. This is an ideal teaching tool to support undergraduate/graduate students, practitioners, and faculty members as they learn about PHC in Canada within a global context.

    Executive Producer:
    Dr. Geraldine (Jody) Macdonald,  RN EdD LSBFON,

    Producer & Editor:
    William (Bill) McQueen, Fireweed Media Productions,

    Research Assistant:
    Pam Walker, RN MN LSBFON


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